Break-up & Loss

I walked away when he proposed affair, not marriage

They were in love but he got engaged to someone else and suggested they could carry on their relationship anyway

(Names changed to protect identities)

Who should have the right of way in a life defining relationship? ‘Togetherness’ is a lovely word, as it speaks of unsaid collaboration between two people. One may construct beautiful while the other deconstructs ugly. For one partner the space may get sacred working at a pairing that is good, on a common footing and clean. It’s surrender with imperial dignity. While one sees that image as beauty, the other puts an expiry date, like the Facebook prompt, ‘Create a temporary profile picture’. Higher endeavours may show up later by others who help build delicate with a certain sense of responsibility. They heal, they appeal and to them belongs the right of way.

Rewind to the last semester of our college life. I’d like to call her Sahiba. We were at a forest reserve, our post graduation batch working on a conservation project. Our minds were moored to the open green theme in nature’s luxuriant drapery. Soon enough romance had to blossom! It was Sahiba. Her voice was a velvet whisper diffused with love. “Himpy (my name) Akshat is more than a project mate to me.” I smiled. Our conservatively raised ‘forever good girl’ had wriggled out of her restricting pupa, a light winged butterfly now. I knew she’d been a bride of stolen moments, for that explained her extra outdoor project time with Akshat. That strikingly handsome bear of a guy! So our sloth bear was relishing the sweet, sticky fermented flower of Sahiba’s love on many a sun dappled day, in nature’s mosaic.

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