Break-up & Loss

I wanted love, not a lesson to learn

Dua Prayaag talks of love’s labour lost and fighting every temptation to kiss and make-up
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My dear first love,

It was such a beautiful starlit sky, remember? It was just you and me on the beach in Malaysia, and all we could hear were our own chortles and the sound of the waves hitting us while we innocently explored each other. You promised me eternity. You promised me ‘forever-ness.’ There has always been an ‘always’ in all your messages for all the five years that we have been together. Yes, the distance took its toll at times, we were in different continents for most of these five years, but it was your conviction I drew strength from.

From crossing the Howrah Bridge on foot, sipping tea from an earthen cup while we were still students, to crossing the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco, the Brooklyn bridge in the Big Apple and the Chain bridge in Hungary, holding hands and planning to cross many more together, we have come a long way, crossing so many hurdles, haven’t we? We have never had a big bank balance, but we have always had each other and together we have crossed oceans and mountains and seas and continents.  Remember our dinner dates in South Delhi? You, me and your younger brother. Two shawarmas, chili potatoes and momos, all for two hundred and fifty rupees, on your bed, while watching Two and a half men.

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I still think of her every day but now just want her to be happy

When your partner loves you more than you love them

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  1. Dua – I read 2 of your articles and admire both of them. It resonate so much with me. Maybe the scars of cheating are the same. I hope you feel better and move on sooner. God speed to you!
    Keep writing as It’s not only your CALMING DRUG but it is for some of us, with not much skill in penning down the choking feeling after something terrible, it gives a great relief by just reading your story. Maybe someone truly said “Sharing is caring “.
    Take care!

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