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I was married to the Army long before I met my wife…

As an Army officer he always gave first priority to his profession

I was married to the Army long before I met my wife, even before I started school. And that love affair did not diminish with time. Both my father and grandfather were in the Army and for me, there never was a desire to choose a profession other than the Armed Forces. It wasn’t just the glamour of the uniform that fascinated me. Somewhere deep in my heart was also the call to duty. Looking back on that phase of my life, I now realise how difficult it would have been for my wife to find that that call to duty was the foremost priority of her husband, mostly at her expense.

We had met through a mutual acquaintance and got married a year later when she was just 19 and in her final year in college. It must have been a complete change in the lifestyle she was used to, but she braved it stoically and if she had any reservations, she kept them to herself. It never occurred to me that it was for her a continual series of adjustments to the Army way of life. She managed beautifully, she adjusted – and my life remained the same as ever. It was a one-way street and the marriage worked because she made it work.

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