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I was so depressed I tried to commit suicide

The causes of depression may be many, but it is important to recognise the signs that your partner or loved one is depressed.
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Case study shared by Dr. Avani Tiwari

Part I

How my life changed after I got married

It all started with my coming to Delhi.

I’m a 29-year-old graduate from a satellite town near Delhi. I had an arranged marriage 2 years ago and moved to Delhi.

I was a very confident, strong girl before marriage with lots of friends. I was the person people came to with their problems. I never worried. I loved shopping, watched music channels incessantly or had earphones in my ears the whole day. I thought getting married and going to Delhi would be fun.

It was. For a few months.

We would be out every evening, shopping at small markets for cheap trinkets, eating roadside stuff, roaming about on bike or cycle-rickshaw. There was a movie every Sunday and a trip home, on the bike, every month.

Gradually the honeymoon ended.

When he no longer had time for me

My husband was promoted and got a huge opportunity to lead a team for a project for 3 months and his hours at work increased. I was left alone at home the whole day. I had started to study for my post graduation and figured it would be a good thing to concentrate on it.

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  1. Dealing with depression is always tricky. It is always good to seek professional help. Wise decision to take her to a psychiatrist.

  2. Its good to know that she somehow managed to get out of depression with the help of her husband. But life after marriage is very much the same for a lot of women in India.

  3. Excellent. My wife has gone through all this. Now better. Sometimes I also feel depressed after I had brain cancer. I am coping with it by becoming spiritual. I meditate every day and read/hear Srimad Bhagavat Gita and other scriptures. I have blessings from my Guru Swami Bhoomananda Tirthaji Maharaj in Kerala (His Narayanadhrama Tapovanam is in FB. I suggest every one to visit the site. Dr. Nihlani, I am truly grateful to you for your help and support in the case of my wife. Best wishes.

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