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I wish I could make out with my husband any time but we live in a joint family

Being married into a joint family means they don't get to have sex as often or when they would like. How do they solve this issue?
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(As told to Sanjukta Das)

This was truly a happy, filmi joint family

I have always loved the concept of a big, happy joint family. I grew up in a nuclear family – my sister and I with my parents. So when I married a man who had a huge family, I was kind of thrilled.

The wedding was a big, fat Indian wedding. My husband Ashok’s family was larger than life and unlike the stereotype of a bickering, joint family scenario. There was harmony. The bahus got along so well with the in-laws. One of them worked, the other was a home maker. I told myself that beneath all the harmony and peace, there would be ugly chaos ready to leap out any day. I was convinced not everything could be as great as it seemed.

And then it hit me. I was wrong. This was a Utopian family I came to live with. I was happy with my new family, more than anything.

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