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I would never trade his unselfishness

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My marriage to Arun was arranged by my parents and him. It is an arranged marriage that was made possible by So, we fell in love after getting married. Well, love is a big word. I don’t know if what we share is love or respect or a combination of both. He claims that the moment he saw my picture, he knew I was the one. Before you think I am boasting, let me put it on record that I don’t believe his cheesy dialogue one bit. I am not a lover. I am a practical person who needs believable facts and not catch-phrases. Anyway, if the title of the post was, ” One thing Your Partner Would never want to change in you,” I was doomed. Thankfully, that’s not the case.

Although there are many things he does for me, that’s not what makes me fall for him. It’s what he does for others that make me believe in him. He accepts everybody with an open heart. He sees the goodness in people and does everything he can to help them. While I am still struggling to accept his family as my own, he has accepted the world as his one family. If you think I am exaggerating, I can direct you to any of his acquaintances — and not just his friends. They would all agree to what I just said. There is not one single person who would say anything bad about him. Well, except for me! I have high demands and so I find flaws even in God. Again, thank God, the post is not about me. You would have hated me.

The thing I would never change in my partner is his care for the world. My love (or respect) for him consists of various moments: the moment he offered my sister to stay in our tiny apartment because he saw her struggling, the moment he moved the mountains to find job for my cousin, those incredible everyday occurrences when he tries to find change to offer the poor, the moment he pays full payment to our maid even when she did not come for work for at least a week. The list can go on till eternity. Although I nudge him to bring a spark in our relationship, I know I would never trade his unselfishness for any spark.

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