My Idea Of A Perfect Valentine’s Day-‘Contest’-Rainbows in Life

romantic dinner

Everyday is a Valentine’s Day except we don’t acknowledge it,we are lost in the humdrum of life.Definitely this one day which is chalked out for love should be special and celebrated in style.

The day will start at the crack of dawn when I carry two hot cups of green tea in the garden.The swing awaits us as we have lost touch with it.Soulful music playing in the background and sitting together enjoying a relaxed moment would be ephimeral.

As I will make sure he takes leave from work,we will enjoy a hearty breakfast which he gulps daily as he has to reach office in time.After this we will visit any religious place thank God that we are still together as today we hear of fleeting relationships or early deaths.

We will lunch at our favourite restaurant where he brought me in our halycon days.Those days have flown but love is the same.I believe in Nicholas Sparks words”Love is like the wind, you can’t see it but you can feel it.”

No solitaires,bouquets,gifts can match the quality time spent with each other.We are devoid of that.After lunch a simple siesta at home.After which I plan to go down memory lane by watching our marriage CD instead of watching the latest flicks.Also my sepia toned wedding album will bring about nostalgia when we laugh at our physical changes from the dapper,young handsome guy to a pot bellied,balding man and a young maiden with lustrous,long tresses and curves to a lady with a few wrinkles,wisps of white in her hair and the vanished curves. Love doesnot bother about physical changes.We have emotional bondage. As it is said”We simply can’t abandon ship,whenever we encounter a storm, Real love is about, weathering the terms of life together.”

A simple cozy candle-lit dinner in the confines of our home or Love Nest  and praying that God gifts us many more years of togetherness to laugh,relax,enjoy each others company . Holy matrimony has made us “Two bodies, one soul”. This would be our perfect Valentine’s Day.

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