How Iker Casillas fell for Sara Carbonero

Iker Casillas played 167 times for Spain and 725 matches for Real Madrid before he joined FC Porto in 2015. The romance of Iker Casillas and Sara Carbonero came into the spotlight when he kissed the reporter on air after winning the 2010 FIFA World Cup against the Netherlands. The two made their relationship public thereafter. And since then they have been only giving us couple goals.

They started dating in 2009

They made their relationship official after the FIFA World Cup win by Spain in 2010. Casillas kissed Carbonero when she was taking his interview. Their relationship faced controversies when she was blamed for his average performance. But that very same year Spain won the FIFA World Cup and Casillas and Carbonero silenced all critics.

They had their first son Martin in 2014

They had their first son Martin in 2014
They had their first son Martin in 2014

In 2015 they moved to Porto in Portugal. In 2016 they married in Madrid.

In a very intimate ceremony, the couple said, “We didn’t need papers to feel that we are committed to each other.” In the same year, their second son Lucas was born.

Going through trying times

Everything was going great when Casillas had a heart attack on May 1, 2019. He is out of danger now. Three weeks later Sara Carbonero underwent surgery for ovarian cancer. The malignant tumour has been removed and she is recovering. She shared a post on Instagram informing everyone of how her cancer had been detected on time and she was recovering.

The couple is each others’ pillar in this trying time. A love like this is hard to find.


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