I’m a virgin even after four months of marriage


Hi Ma’am,

After my marriage my wife and I together decided to get to know each other first and then take the step towards a sexual relationship. The problem is that even after four months my wife is saying that she needs more time to be mentally prepared to do it. What should I do? Please help me.

Avani Tiwari says:


I can understand how difficult this situation must be for you. [restict]But there’s no need to lose hope. All it needs is a little communication and willingness. I assume it was an arranged marriage and hence you both decided to take time to know each other. Did you also try to know each other physically? Talking about sexual preferences, any fantasies, desires, ideas that you both have about sex. Read up on your own about the act, don’t rely on your knowledge gathered from friends, relatives and popular magazines. Let her do the same.

Start without a deadline. Gently explore till both of you are comfortable, going for first base then second, finally third. Wait out any parts that any one of you is uncomfortable with. Soon enough you’ll be enjoying not only the climactic but also the act itself.



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