I’m afraid to openly accept I’m in a relationship. What do I do?

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Q: I can’t be without him. But when we go out together I’m afraid someone will see us. I don’t even speak to him in front of friends and he doesn’t either. He says he loves me a lot, but he says I deserve better and he lies to make it happen. If I see someone else, he texts “Wow, got new one, busy? Gv me sm time.” I am not able to leave him but I feel he is temporary or I may get frustrated with him. What shall I do?

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A: Relationships grow through effective communication. Therefore before taking any extreme step it would be good that you discuss the issues in the relationship with your partner. Please introspect about your expectations from this relationship and discuss them with him. It is very important for both of you to discuss each other’s expectations, which might help you give direction and stability to your relationship.


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