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I’m not looking for a relationship

They began to be intimate, but then he said…
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Why is women’s sexuality perceived as any different from that of men? If you have sex with a close friend, does it mean you are in a relationship? This was what my dear friend thought; if he engaged in carnal activity with me, I will chase him for a relationship. Can a relationship between friends work if they end up having sex and feel obliged to be in one?

I have a very close friend; a member of my first social circle, which I have very few memories of, but I do remember spending afternoons with him and others when I first learnt to play hide and seek. When we met as grown-ups, we were both single and spent a lot of time together, keeping in touch through texts or spending lazy afternoons with each other. I got very attached to him. I still am, it’s complicated, as they say!

One lazy afternoon the inevitable happened – we had too much wine and he made a move on me. I wasn’t expecting it, but it felt so right when he stroked my hair and caressed my bosom. I heard his heart race as I dug into his chest.

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I could not stop him after this, and there was no need to question it. I knew we were on the same page with morality. Sex is unsanitary and you don’t want to get yucky with most people is what I always maintain. Plus, being intimate with others means some aesthetics will be compromised; so better do it only with people you don’t mind!

While kissing my forehead, he suddenly whispered into my ear, “I’m not looking for a relationship.” Such a turn off. I didn’t know where that came from, because I wasn’t either.

Then he freaked out a bit and starting murmuring, “I don’t want to get married.” He continued kissing me and hugging me and even though we were wrapped up in each other I felt aloofness in his moves; not from me, but from a relationship.

He chose to arouse me and then not do me when I was that drunk, as he delicately put it. He offered to comfort me; I was cold because of too much alcohol, but I wanted to be left alone. He again gave me a long hug and left my place as soon as he could.

He often called me uptight for my hygiene issues about sex. As soon as I could lift my head from the stupor, I texted a teaser to him, “Now, who’s uptight?”

“Uptight it is!” he texted back with a smiley.

Then I asked him to wake me up in the morning so that I don’t get late for work, which he did without fail.

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But this was not the end of it. He and I started our mornings chatting and texting; and went to bed with a goodnight over text. How were we to do that now without questioning what happened, rather, what did not happen?

A few days went by, and we didn’t say a word about it. I was his good friend and sex makes things complicated, he told me, trying to nullify his actions.

It was not a booty call, and neither was it a call for a relationship. Probably he has never had “uncomplicated” sex. I knew he had been in messy relationships before but I never would have thought it would be a terrible one if he and I were in one.

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I later joked with him about his sloppy moves, but he thought he hurt me and shied away from talking about it. I tried to tell him sarcastically that I was not looking for relationships based on a one-night stand. He then gave me an explanation about how his past involvements and hurtful relationships had a bearing on his life. He asked me to move on. I’m still not sure from what.

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He liked me outside of everything and wanted to keep me out of the complexities of relationships, he said. He probably thought he “saved” the situation by “not taking advantage” of a drunk friend – which, he didn’t realise, made his actions questionable. He thought I was accusing him when I asked him upfront, impatient. For me, that moment was only about sharing intimacy with a friend, beyond limitations. I couldn’t explain to him in words that what he hurt was my sexuality.

(As told to Saumya Tewari)

She has no regrets being single

What is it about one-sided love that keeps us hooked?

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