The Imperfectly Perfect Celebration – Contest

It’s already 7:30. Who silenced my alarm? Now I will be late. I was furious.

“I did. I thought you deserved a little more sleep.” Came the casual reply, as my hubby dear entered the bedroom with a cup of hot tea.

“Have your tea and get ready. Breakfast will be served in 10 minutes.”

I pinched myself in disbelief. Am I still dreaming? How was he even up so early? But there was not much time left for me to sit and ponder. I gulped down the extra sugared tea and rushed to get ready, still beaming with joy.

To my surprise breakfast was already served on the table when I was back.

Maggi in street side style. My favourite. Prepared by my husband. Oh my God, what a sweet gesture! I was all smiles. This sincere effort needed a serious appreciation. But alas, time was running short. I gobbled up the savoury dish, with no time to relish the taste, stole a quick kiss and raced down the stairs.

That is when destiny decided to intervene. And Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. The pain was unbearable. After much difficulty, with the help of my husband, I climbed back and somehow managed a leave from my much displeased boss.

Called up the doctor. He suggested complete rest and continuous application of ice packs. My husband was soon in action with an ice bag and spray. I felt a little sorry for him. Due to my carelessness now he will not be able to go to his office today. But he wasn’t much perturbed.

The pain, reduced after a couple of hours and I decided to log into my Facebook. The news feed was flooded with mushy, romantic posts declaring the love for their significant ones. So this it! Today is Valentine’s Day. And those were the little efforts of my dear husband to show his love for me. I was overwhelmed.

And that day, with a little help of God, we actually spent one of the most romantic Valentine’s Day. Chatting our heart out, with occasional interference of official calls. Cuddling on the bed, binge watching our favourite show and a private pizza party. No amount of planning can help you to arrange such a romantic stage to celebrate the special day.

P.S. My Boss still thinks I staged the accident to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

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