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In India, what does a woman get out of marriage?

Marriage is a two edge sword, for some its institution of love and joy for some its lesson of life.

I usually asked this question during my discussion – What we get from a marriage? Believe me no one give me a great answer but start beating around the bush.

Marriage is a legal and social approval to stay monogamous for lifelong enclosed by many layers of untold issues. We all humans are selfish and we do get married for our own need; but we wrapped this need with a graceful name and dreamy stories.

Reality and after life of marriage is all together different story. When daily routine life struck, the glittery romance as shown in movies, novels gets the toss every day. At that time you feel like you both are two wheels attached to a car called married life and running parallel to each other but doesn’t meet.

Its not about what a women lost or men get out of marriage or vice versa. Its all about compatibility and friendliness in the relation which take care of simple dull daily routine life. But it can be exciting, fun if you add the spice of openness and friendship with your spouse.

Men also feel the same way; working whole day and in the evening buying vegetables and groceries for the home, settling bills, handling investments, EMI installments, helping with home chores.

Either you have fancy world of marriage full of romance and no same pattern cooking everyday or you dont wanna take responsibility of your decision as you haven’t mention of bad abusive husband.

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