In-laws falsely accusing me of having a disease

falsely accusing me of having a disease

Q: I got married 2 months ago. Their family quarrelled with my parents and I had to leave the house. They accused me of having asthma (which I don’t have) and that we didn’t reveal it before the wedding. 

They are complaining that I don’t do housework properly. I couldn’t bear it and almost slapped them, but my parents stopped me…they are taking that behaviour into account.

But I need steps to resolve this and want to join my husband.

A: Hi there, this sounds like a complicated situation and it appears that there must be more to it than these few details. From what you have described, it looks like they were probably looking for an excuse to create a rift which led to an escalation of the situation. There’s very limited advice I can give you here. However, if your husband is on your side and understands you, you can try contacting him privately and try to find out what the actual issue is. Once you have your facts straight maybe you can get in touch with a lawyer? All the best!

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