In love over Facebook- she is Muskaan

In love over Facebook

My presence on Facebook<

I have been using Facebook ever since my Osho friend ‘Pratiyan’ told me about it in Goa during short a short visit. I have a real account and also a fake account (different in the sense that I like to connect with unknown people only through fake account). I use this fake account to learn everything about spirituality, creativity and writing which I do not want to show to real life friends. I use the name Atmo Prakash for writing and being known to unknown people over Internet. Atmo Prakash is my Sanyaas name in Osho lineage and has been derived with a newer meaning to my life. Who says  a name cannot make a difference?

Love over Facebook

I became friends with a lady on Facebook with this pseudo account. Let’s call her “Muskaan” as she is a Punjabi with a very sweet smile and looks to be a single mother in photographs. Her face resonates with energy and she is very lively in her Facebook posts, always posting some new spiritual messages publicly. I am impressed by her sharing and pictures and sometimes wish I should be near to her.

She has been very creative in organizing meetings in her hometown, being present in pictures with Moojiji & also talking about Osho, Ramana Maharshi, Jiddu, Anandamayi Ma, Papaji & other saints.

Is she the only one?

Lover in facebook
The love

Well the answer is ‘No’. There are many beautiful faces on Facebook who are smiling, motivating and look to be spiritual. I am fascinated by them all and add them as friends from my fake account & surprisingly they accept my friendship requests as well. I am in gratitude for connecting with me and making me feel a polygamous specie on this planet earth. Virtual, still this is a world where I can escape from the tantrums of my wife sitting at home and expecting me to frown my face at every strong sentence she makes. Sometimes I feel that I became spiritual to escape from her hard talks & monotony of the married life.

Muskaan makes me come alive. I look at her face, read her posts and dream of meeting her one day. Well I did try chatting with her, got her phone number as well for inquiring about a program she was conducting on a spiritual topic.

May all wives be like Muskaan.


Readers Comments On “In love over Facebook- she is Muskaan”

  1. Kritagya Daarshanik

    Am sorry but I did not get it 🙁

    I respect your take and don’t mean to question it. Just curious to understand how Muskaan becomes the ideal wife that you wish to the entire mankind 🙂

    Kritagaya Daarshanik (Haywire Chronology)

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