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In pursuit of unparalleled happiness… …

After completing my graduation in mass communications from one of the best girl’s colleges in India,  I settled down in a job in a mid-sized advertising agency in NCR near my home in Delhi.

Slowly but steadily I proved myself & successfully climbed the steps of the senior hierarchy in my organisation.

By the time I got married & had to move out of Delhi,  I was designated at a managerial level.

My husband & in laws initially didn’t agree to my working after marriage.

When my husband is extremely well to do, why do I need to work was their reasoning.

Yet, I refused to bow down.  I wanted to work to retain my own self,  to be self-reliant for my own materialistic needs. I didn’t want to depend on my husband for everything that I need in my day to day life.

However,  due to some circumstances I had to quit two jobs in succession.  But I  also was struggling to cope & settle down in another city where I had never been before my marriage.

My husband asked me if I was sure if I wanted to continue,  I  firmly told him yes. It’s not about money I told him.

I had barely managed to settle down in another job, when I discovered that I am pregnant. Yet,  I thought I could still continue for a while.  But fate didn’t want me to continue. I was diagnosed with an iron deficiency which made my travelling to & from work difficult.

So,  I  quit my job once again.

Now,  I am more like a homemaker.  I look after myself & my baby to be born. I do recreational activities to keep myself occupied.

Most importantly,  I have come to terms with the fact that I am going to give birth to another life.

I am happy,  I  am satisfied.  Yet,  I  wonder if being a mother is going to complete me?

I don’t mind sacrificing my professional career for my child & my family.

Perhaps,  that’s where I find my happiness in.

Being there for my family.

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