Affair and Cheating

In search of greener grass…why affairs are on the rise

Kissing in Grass

In recent years, extramarital affairs have increased noticeably. More than seventy per cent of men have extramarital or premarital affairs. What might be the underlying causes? Is this trend set to continue or is there a way to reverse it?

Many men come to me and say, “Doctor, I have 2-3 affairs at one time, but there is no problem, everything is going smoothly.” Then I ask them, “What if you find out that your wife too is having an affair? Will you tolerate it then?” Then the men say, “How can that happen? That cannot happen.” And they feel no guilt either.

You think extramarital affairs happen only in urban areas? That is not true. Many such affairs happen in rural areas, too. You might have seen dogs mating on the streets in your childhood, your kids might have never seen that. When you go to villages, children there would have seen the matings of dogs, cows and other animals. They know that mating is something natural.

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