Whenever I read or listen anything related to marriage, I sense the bitterness between a newly married girl and her family of in laws. When I got married five years ago, I kept no presumption in my mind.  Maybe I was from a very disciplined and strict family or maybe I knew little bit about my in-laws, as I had love marriage. Whatever the reason might be, I was positive for being a part of new family.

 My In-laws were less educated and less smart in terms of today’s urban society system. I could have been frustrated with their so-called “uncultured” way of living as I came from the sophisticated urban lifestyle. But I was feeling free and lively in that aroma of soil of village,  amongst those simpler and less educated “in laws”,  who were treating me like a their own family person (I am doctor by my profession, maybe this was the reason for treating me well). I realised that of the daughter in law are bitter when it comes to giving reviews about their in-law family. I did not find those review true when it comes to my in-law house and my marital life. For me, my sasural was my ‘Genda Phool’.

 I am so excited that I got a lovely In-law family and have to spend my life living with them. I could leave my job, city in cost of getting fresh foods fresh milk fresh vegetables and above all fresh mindsets. So here I am after five and a half years of my marriage- telling the world that not all Sasurals (In-laws houses) are bad.  Some are awesome like my In-law house. I won’t say that they are the best in laws or I am the best daughter in law but I got the essence of comfortness of settling in a new atmosphere and to grasp and accept others with their natural instincts. We should accept new things rather than keeping some stubborn presumptions in mind. You cannot get readymade happiness, but you earn it with time, gradual acceptance and love.


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