Inappropriate Relationship: It’s not okay to fancy your cousin

by Team Bonobology

I am a married man

In love with my married cousin

We used to hug and kiss as teenagers

Is this an inappropriate relationship?

Now we talk on WhatsApp and she says she misses me

I want to hold her again

Is it wrong to fancy a cousin?

Is it a taboo and called incest?

But I really want to be with her

Please tell me how to take the step.

Counsellor Mallika Pathak says: As much as I understand that we can’t filter our feelings

There is always the question of appropriateness and inappropriateness

Touching and hugging as teenagers may be due to infatuation and curiosity

The sexual impulse right now will only lead to more complications

Are you in an emotionally and physically satisfying relationship with your spouse?

I would recommend that you seek professional help so as to process the feelings

And cope in a healthier manner

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