Indian cricketers and their extramarital affair

Bollywood’s secret to looking young and flawless.


Here, we look at some controversies cricketers have been embroiled in off the field!


  • Mohammad Shami

Mohammad Shami’s wife Hasin Jahan, has accused her husband of having an extramarital affair and torture. While Shami says that this is just conspiracy against him, his wife posted screenshots of his Facebook conversations with another woman on her social media. 

  • Ian Botham

Ian Gotham married his childhood sweetheart Kathryn at the age of 20. The cricketer had a clean record and was not involved in any controversy until the drug case, for which he was banned from playing for England for 63 days. Ian cheated on his wife with an Australian waitress. According to him,  his affair cost him “nearly everything” and made him realise he had been a terrible husband and father.

  • Mohammad Azharuddin

In the 1990s, Azharuddin was having an affair with upcoming actress Sangita Bijlani while married to Naureen. In 1996, he divorced his wife and married Sangita. His marriage with Sangita ended in 2010. A biopic has been made on his life called “Azhar” starring Emraan Hashmi in the titular role. 

  • Saurav Ganguli

The former captain of the Indian National Cricket team was spotted with actress Nagma in a South Indian Temple performing rituals that could be performed only by married couples. This stirred controversy that the two had gotten married secretly. Nagma has never denied the existence of her relationship with Ganguli in public. Nagma was blamed for Saurav’s poor performance. Saurav broke up with Nagma after his wife threatened to divorce him.

  • Shahid Afridi

In 2000, Shahid Afridi, Atiq-uz-Zaman and Hasan Raza were caught with a group of young ladies in their Karachi hotel rooms. The players insisted that they were simply fans but the Pakistan Cricket Board didn’t believe them. The three players were eventually fined and banned from the upcoming ICC Champions Trophy event in Kenya. 


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