Innovative ways to propose to your partner

If you want to propose to your partner in an innovative way, take a look at these methods.

1. Surprise her:

The whole point is to catch your partner off guard. Highlight the keys in your keyboard which spell ‘Marry me?’ It might take a while for her to register it, but when it does, be sure to be standing somewhere close to catch her reaction on tape. You can also use a glow-in-the-dark marker and write it in a place where you know she will find it.

Surprise her
Man get down on knee and propose partner

2. Treasure hunt:

On the night you want to pop the question, prep before she comes back to the house. Leave sticky notes for your partner; each note stating the things you love about her. Keep it short and sweet. Leave her a map to find one clue after the other, and be ready at the place of your last note where you pop the question.

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3. ‘In too deep’ proposal:

Wrap the box with the ring in several boxes (each bigger in size) and hand over the box, wrapped in a pretty paper preferably with a bow on top. Your partner will expect a large gift and only find more boxes to open and when she has unwrapped down to the box containing the ring, get down on your knee and pop the question.

excited young woman opening gift box receiving present from husband
Wrap the box with the ring in several boxes

4. Play your card:

This will take a little prep time and calculations. Play a game of cards and on one card print the words ‘Will you marry me?’. Make sure you deal and be certain she gets that card in her stack. It might take more than one try for her to get the card, but when she does, it will take her off-guard and you can pop the question.

5. Take a nostalgic walk:

This is a classic one. Take your partner to the place where you had your first date, or the place where you shared the first kiss. Take a walk and when you reach a secluded spot, ask her to marry you.

young teenagers couple walking
Take your partner to the place where you had your first date

6. Maintain a diary:

Keep a diary. Keep it locked. You can even pretend you don’t want her to read what’s in there. Do it for a week. It is bound to make her want to read it. The day you plan to ask the question, tell her the diary is hers and that you have written down your innermost thoughts.

In that diary you will have written all the things you have planned for your future together and how she completes you and makes you whole. Let her gasp when she gets to the last page where you have sewn a ring to the page.

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7. It’s movie time:

Create a home movie. Or if you are a professional editor, create a video montage of your time spent with your partner. You can even insert clips from her favourite movies. At the end of the montage, leave a blank screen with the message ‘Will you marry me?’. And while she was busy watching the pure marvel video you have created, you get down on your knees with a ring in hand.

watching tv together
Couple Watching tv together

8. Keep it cosy:

You can create the perfect date night. Candles, chocolate, champagne with the right kind of music. Hide the ring in the cake or at the bottom of your wine glass when she is not looking. When she finishes her glass, she will find the ring and you ask ‘Will you marry me?’.

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