Insects,Reptiles,Rodents Enhance Love

A nightmare of legs and feelers,

Scuttling on marble

With your deathly click,

Most unwelcome house-guest

Reveling in filth and grease.

Something in your presence,

Almost makes me sick.

My hubby a govt.official has a transfer bound job,so we are always hopping all over the country.These jaunts have brought my phobias to the fore.

As a newly wed our first posting was in the land of “Nawabs”,Lucknow.I was thrilled beyond words.As the train clacketed out of New Delhi station,i was conjuring up images of setting up my new house.The govt.accomodation had already been alloted,and he had got a groundfloor apartment.Our luggage had already been transported,so as soon as we alighted from the train,the govt.vehicle drove us to our new apartment.

As per ritual,i opened the lock and i got a rousing welcome.A horde of roaches greeted me.Ugh,the flying variety,they pecked me on the nose and cheek,i shrieked.I looked beeseechingly at hubby to get rid of the pesky creatures.So with a twinkle in his eye and his shoe in his hand,he started the duel to eliminate these creature.With twirling antennas,they looked menacingly at me,as if challenging me to aduel.With great difficulty hubby won the duel by squashing them.He then rushed to the store and bought insect spray and sprayed the house.I gave him a loving smile as i had got a modicum relief of sleeping in peace.

Soon with the advent of monsoon,a new problem arose.I was enjoying the lovely weather to the fullest.Humming and cooking bhajiyas,when out of nowhere i heard a croak and my reverie was broken.Suddenly i saw a frog on my foot.Seeing the sight of the slimy creature,i screamed and the vessels in my hand clattered to the ground.Hubby rushed to see what the hullabaloo was about and he somehow managed to chase the frog out of the house.An open sluice was bringing these creatures out,so he got the sluice covered.

Now it was movement time and we got posted to N.E.R..My experience with the groundfloor,made me opt for a second floor apartment.Enjoying the pristine beauty of the place,made me forget my bad experiences.But one night i got up crying in pain and itching all over.I had red blotches over my skin and face,the culprit a black widow spider.The place remains wet throughout the year,so spiders abound.They look hideous,like big tarantulas.I was now vary of them and hubby took all measures to get rid of them.

Again after three years,we were posted to M.P..A fourth floor apartment,a dry place,i thanked my stars.But again i was in for a shock.Big sized geckos adorned the ceilings of the rooms.Seeing geckos munching on juicy roaches,makes me pukey.We started a tirade against them,putting camphor and toothpaste on lights.But one day unawares a baby, lizzie fell on my head and i was at my wits end.Hubby calmed me and did all he could to soothe me.The more i detested these creatures,more affinity they developed for me.

Last but not the least a posting to Jaipur made me go bonkers.The flat was infested with rats,which made me queasy.They were the size of cats and were wreaking havoc all over.It is a delight to watch a Tom and Jerry show but having black vermin ravaging the house is no delight.As soon as i saw one,i did a la tarzan and jumped from chair to sofa to bed,waiting for my knight to save me.Hubby instead of getting piqued with my actions,got doorseals installed on doors to ward them off and baits to kill the existing ones.My love enhanced seeing him sort out the hassles calmly.Our understanding and love has increased threefold.You can sayC’est la vie.


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