Insecurities – Dark side of falling in love?

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Falling in love has a dark side. Does it really?  Well, so they say.

Here is my experience  who fell in love with her husband after her marriage.

I belong to the arranged marriage setup.

It took me over a little more than 2 months to fall in love with him & less than a year of our marriage to become impregnated with his child/children.

So, it’s a case of all’s well that ends well, doesn’t it?

Ok, here’s what I feel the dark side is.

Pregnancy brings a lot of emotional as well as physical changes. I feel emotionally vulnerable & cranky at times. I fear clinging onto him like a typical wife.

I am too practical to be clinging onto him. My love for him is not to bind him. It’s to complete him.

Yesterday when he returned home from work, I just hugged him & cried for no apparent reason. He kept asking me what was wrong, but I couldn’t speak a word.

One of my friends asked me if I hurried into my pregnancy. Honestly, I don’t know. I personally don’t think so. I am just going with the flow.

Insecurities cannot be described. Insecurities are to be felt. They are like stabs that hurt you, make you bleed with anguish without making any noise.

Yes, insecurities are a dark side of falling in love. It’s natural to be insecure. But it’s maturity to not let it take control of you & affect the healthiness of your relationship.

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