10 Insta Couples You Should Follow

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Updated On: August 17, 2023
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These Insta Couples Are About #RelationshipGoals?

If you are having a mundane day and looking for some mush to feel good, then you have come to the right place. From inspiration to envy, from romance to fad, these 10 Instagram couples give us the perfect #RelationshipGoals to strive for. They travel together, work together, work-out together, get artsy together and show us how the world becomes your oyster when you have the perfect companion to embark on the adventure with. Here’s to the most popular power couples on Instagram that you must start following right now. They don’t just share their cute, picture-perfect couple moments but also slices of their everyday life that define their relationships.

10 Insta Couples You Should Follow

After all, it’s not just about that one person but the whole package of happiness and fulfilment they bring along with them, right?

So without further ado let’s check them out!

1. The #FollowMeTo couple

Murad and Natalia are not just the epitomai of #RelationshipGoals, but they, in fact, started this whole social media frenzy before Instagram reached its popularity. Murad is a Russian photographer who posts adorable and breath-taking pictures of Natalia guiding him through beautiful cities with the hashtag #FollowMeTo. They are one of the first Insta couples to take the world of social media by storm and one of the most famous Instagram couples.

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2. The long-distance relationship couple

Whoever has been in one knows long-distance relationships are hard. But this ‘Half&Half’ couple used art to minimize the distance and we loved it! Danbi lives in New York and her boyfriend Seok lives in Seoul. They started an IG photo project called ‘Half&Half’ to embody their long-distance relationship goals. They take photos of them doing the same thing at the same time and then use split-screen to edit them together. So inspiring! They are one of the craziest Instagram couples.

3. Couple bit by the wanderlust

They prefer to call themselves ‘Mr. & Mrs Worldwide’. This American couple sold their car, rented their house and quit their day jobs to pursue their dream of travelling the world together. Since then they have been travelling to gorgeously luxurious and adventurous destinations around the world. This Insta couple gives serious travel goals.

4. The entrepreneur couple

Based in the Philippines, Thea and Gab are restaurateurs, cat parents and Insta photographers. From cute couple-y moments to artsy food and everyday stuff, their IG handle is a mixed bag of deliciousness.

5. The one for #MarriageGoals

Stylish husband, a free spirit wife and three adorable kids – this California based couple’s Insta account give you a good dose of adorableness. They have one of the best couple pages on Instagram.

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6. The nature-loving couple

Thomas and Kimi’s IG handle is their personal travel diary, so serene and so exquisite that you can’t help dreaming about their vacations when you go to sleep tonight. They don’t do usual couple selfies, instead, their pictures give you a visual treat. This nomad couple is currently exploring Bali. They are a crazy Insta couple but you will love the photos they post.

7. The fitness couple

Tammy and Reece are big-time fitness junkies from Australia who just had their second baby. Their Insta account is about family fun, fitness tips and loads of hotness.

8. The couple for #CoupleGoals

Cristal is a model and Kaelamakia is an artist, and this couple is one of the most stylish and beautiful couples on Instagram, hands down! They just had a baby together and IG users can’t get enough of their rocking life. This is one of the best couple pages on Instagram and their popularity is unmatched.

9. The adorable lesbian couple

Vanessa and Melanie are the cutest, most adorable lesbian couple with two gorgeous baby girls. They post fun family photos on their IG handle that will instantly brighten up your day.

10. The preppy couple

Head here if you are looking for some #PreppyCoupleGoals. Sarah and Keil met when shopping at Ralph Lauren and since then their romantic journey looks like a picture-perfect preppy adventure. They live with their newborn and a dog.

God bless Insta romance for giving us so many wonderful relationship goals!

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