Interfaith marriage: Can I legally have a Hindu-Christian marriage?

Intertfaith marriage

I want to marry a man whom I love but he is Christian and I am Hindu. My family is not allowing me to marry him and they have fixed my marriage to some other person who is a Hindu. I don’t want to marry him. I want to marry the person I love. I am aware that there are challenges faced by a Hindu girl wanting to marry a Christian boy but I am ready to take up every challenge. I am convinced our interfaith marriage will work.

My family is opposed to an interfaith marriage

But they are so adamant about it I really don’t know what to do. They have religious views on love that I find ridiculous. I am an adult and I can walk away from home and just get married. But I do not want to do that and I wanted to convince my family that he is the best match for me and religious differences do not matter in love. I want to tell them that a Hindu woman getting married to a Christian man is also legal. Can you give me some information on this please so that I can talk to them in a more convincing way? Is it possible to have an interfaith marriage? Please help me out.

Dear Lady,

Parents always have their own way of thinking and they feel whatever they do will be best for you.

Marrying in the community

You cannot even convince your parents regarding the matter because their mind is pre-conditioned. They are socialized in such a way that they believe that by marrying within the community is the only way their daughter will be happy. But fact remains interfaith marriages do happen in India.

They belong to a different generation

You can only persuade them but you cannot blame them for their thinking process. They belong to a different generation and have a different thought process. Tell them about the good qualities of your partner and how happy you will be with him. Don’t give up after one discussion with your parents. If need be tell your man to join you. Then they would see through your earnestness. Express every bit of your feelings to them. Do whatever you can from your end to convince them.

Legal perspective

As per law if both of you are adults you can get married under the Special Marriage Act. The Special Marriage Act came into being in 1954 and it is for those who are doing inter-caste and inter-religion marriage. Interfaith marriages in India do happen. According to the act people of different religions can get married. Society will keep on saying it’s your life just live it. But I appreciate the fact that you want to take the blessings of your family before you take the most important decision of your life. But always remember in the end they are convinced or not Indian law is by your side because we live in a secular democratic country.

Stay blessed

My best wishes

Adv Siddhartha Shankar Mishra

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