International Beer Day: 5 Times Beer Came to My Rescue

Tina Vashishth
international beer day is the day for all youth who best friend is beer

I love beer. It’s usually a man’s drink and I know they can devour pitchers. But I can too. My introduction to drinking happened with beer. The guys said it was a mild drink and would be perfect for my initiation. It’s another thing they couldn’t imagine that I would finish three bottles of beer on the very first day of my initiation ceremony. It’s a story that’s often passed around when the guys meet at our college reunion.

It’s been years since then and I have tried every drink under the sun, traveling to many parts of the world as well, but the beer remains my go-to drink simply because I am in love with it. It does something great to my mood and my eyes always twinkle in a perky smile after the first sip. But my relationship with beer is something deeper. And beer has come to my rescue on more than one occasion.

I will tell you how on 5 occasions beer came to my rescue

On International Beer Day, August 2, I will tell you about my close connection to the drink.

1. The binge-drinking party

In young age getting to know about own limit used to be difficult and we drink beer like water

Mixing drinks party Image source

We were in our early 20s and it was decided that we would have a mad binge-drinking party at a friend’s place. What did we do? We bought a new bucket and poured every drink under the sun (beer, whiskey, vodka, orange juice, Irish Cream, Tequila….) in that bucket. In small cups everyone had the lethal concoction, believing the size of the cup would limit the amount of alcohol.

But it didn’t. Within half an hour everyone was down and out and not to mention the puke-queue to the bathroom.

I was the only one who had opted to stay loyal to my glass of beer. (I lacked the adventurous spirit you could say) I was the only one stable and sane too by the end of the evening.

2. The mom-in-law visit

Three months of mom-in-law in the house is quite a torture. But I looked like Zen. How? Every night in my room I had a bottle of beer. Had a good night’s sleep and woke up in the morning feeling like it was a new day and mom-in-law wasn’t in the kitchen already criticizing the disorganized bahu.

But more than every night it was one particular night when beer saved me. The monster mom-in-law was particularly finicky that day and I had a totally bad day at work. It was an explosion waiting to happen until my Zen side took over. I fetched out my bottle of beer and told her to try some Shandy (beer with Limca. Yum!).

Equality should be there in every relationship and beer should be a common thing there

The empowering drink Image source

She refused at first, because her hubby dear drank whiskey all his life and believed strongly women should not drink. But the Shandy empowered her and she finally felt she was in her husband’s league. She mellowed to the bahu next day. Was it beer or my imagination?

3. Beer for the little boy (Oops!)

Not literally! You must be thinking of me as an irresponsible mom. We were on a holiday, in a secluded resort up in the mountains, on a May afternoon. The boy was around 4 years old then. We were on a day visit to this scenic resort and the boy fell down and cut his knees. The mom (a bit irresponsible have to admit) had forgotten to pack the medkit. (Come on he was 4 already!)

So mom just took a few drops from her beer glass and applied it on the cut. It worked wonders. Alcohol is antiseptic and beer doesn’t burn.

4. The date-rape drug attempt

Some people try to take advantage in clubs thinking beer gives them right to judge people

The beer was fizzing abnormally Image source

Yes, scary. It was in a disco when I had just turned adult. We were a gang of girls and were happily dancing on the floor.

The gang of guys sitting next to our table had the worst intention. When we came back to my table my glass of beer was fizzing, abnormally.

Others drinks were okay. But we all decided not to drink whatever was left in the glass because we were by then suspicious of the guys who were looking at us with strange intent. Later I came to know the drug they added fizz in beer only, with other drinks it isn’t that.

I thanked my glass of beer!

5. Beer for my headache

For some people beer helps to reduce headache

Beer is good for my headache Image source

People get headaches when they drink. I drink when I get a headache and it instantly goes.

Beer’s been my headache remedy for years. It relaxes me to no end too.

On International Beer Day all I can say is three cheers to my savior – my glass of bubbly beer! What’s life without it?

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