How do I intervene in my parents’ abusive relationship?

Abused Woman

My parents have had a very bad marriage. Without taking sides, I can tell you that my father is an abusive person and has in the truest sense of the term, emotionally and physically abused my mother. My mother is now in her late fifties and I feel that she deserves to spend the rest of her life in peace. How can I help my mother? I am ready to provide for her, and she is ready to start a new life. By which she means, a life where she can stay on her own and live peacefully. How do I confront a father who is abusive and to whom I have never really stood up to? My mother is afraid, and I don’t know where to begin.

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Dear Deepa, as children it is very difficult to deal with issues that our parents face. Regardless of how they have behaved in front of us, we continue to give them a sort of a super human position and traits in life. How can we not, for they were the ones on whom our survival depended for so long and they were the only ones available to us as providers in the capacity and skills that they had.

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