Intimacy & sex in arranged marriages

Physical intimacy & sex plays an important role in both marriages  – whether love or arranged.

I am going to talk about my experience in an arranged marriage setup.

My case is that of typical “chat mummni jat byaah”

I got engaged in April last year & married two months later in June.

Being in different cities & busy in our professional lives,  we couldn’t meet during our courtship days.

However,  we spoke a lot on phone.

On my first night after my wedding,  I  was a complete nervous wreck.

I was not ready for a physical relationship with my husband yet.

My husband was kind enough to understand me & told me whenever I was ready.

The next few months were a complete nightmare as I was in a city to which I had never been before. Morever, I  had to get used to my husband & his social lifestyle (we don’t stay with my in laws,  though they are close by. )

A few incidents brought us close but the spark was missing.

Our first physical adventure happened on karwachauth.

It was a magical moment for me! I was so shy that I let him dominate me completely. I behaved completely like a newly married bride.

But that broke the shackles between us & we regularly made out till I accidentally became pregnant.

I am expecting in August & both me & my husband are eagerly waiting for the d-day.

I personally feel sex & physical intimacy is very important. Pregnancy should be planned but having said that I & my husband are ready to accept parenthood so early in our married life.


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