Struggles and Scars

Is it indeed better being single?

We have a very unhelpful tendency – when in relationships – to idealise what it was like being single

Disagreements in relationships are inevitable. And yet, almost everyone will agree, that on such occasions we unfailingly start to fantasise about how carefree our lives were, when we were not bound to a relationship. “We’re naturally drawn to look back and look at the nicer aspects of solitude,” explains the video ‘Why it probably wasn’t better being single’ by The School of Life.

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And maybe being single was indeed an amazing time— but chances are, it wasn’t only that. “Though we are sad now, there were times when we were also very sad then,” the video nudges us to recall. If we could indeed watch a video of our lives, we would have a more objective understanding of what life was like earlier versus now. “For memory is a hugely unreliable, and therefore feckless, instrument” but, for some reason, we always treat it as fact.

Value Of Relationships
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We’ve got to understand that life at times is bound to be tough — regardless of whether you are single or in a relationship — what works is understanding and appreciating the value that relationships bring to your life.

struggle and scars

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