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Is It Marriage Or Business?


I will call all three of them Ms. X.

Why? Well, I have a reason to call them so.

The grey shades of their personality have me wondering over and over again as I recollect their stories. The stories of their marriage, that were laced with carefully planned deceit, with the aim to defraud in the garb of ‘holy matrimony’, which was plain business for them.

Being a woman, it is difficult for me to reconcile to the fact that another woman can deceive and plot, but these three women easily threw me off my belief.

I will now name the first Ms. X as Sushma, to avoid any confusion. Sushma married Aman some years back. She had come with a well laid out plan. The first day after their wedding, Sushma ordered her mother-in-law to get her tea as she slouched on the sofa with her legs on the centre table. Then she threw a brochure at her father-in-law to get his attention to change the channel he was watching. Aman and his parents were taken aback by her crude behaviour.

This was just the beginning of the torture for Aman and his family. Sushma was trying every trick under her sleeve to antagonize Aman and his parents. They tried talking to her but she was not ready to listen. She avoided having any conversation with them but she beat up Aman and her mother when they made an attempt to ask her why she was behaving in such an uncivilized manner.

She wanted them to react and file for divorce and she knew she was succeeding. Aman soon found a lawyer who told him that the law will always favour the women in such cases, irrespective of who is in the wrong. They applied for divorce and Sushma asked for an out-of-court settlement for a huge sum of money.

Aman soon found out that he was the second victim of her plan. She had defrauded her first husband in a similar fashion. She went on to marry someone else after Aman and made successful attempts to make money from that alliance too.

The second Ms. X is called Arti. She married Deepak a few years ago. Deepak was based in Australia and Arti in India. Deepak was shocked when she refused to move to Australia without a permanent residency after marriage. She could have gone with Deepak on visitor’s visa and applied for residency on reaching Australia but she adamant on her stand. Deepak left without her and it took him almost an year to get Arti to Australia.

While in India, Arti was creating chaos at her in-laws’s home. She would abuse them and shout at them for no reason at all. Imagine her mother-in-law, who was reading a book, hear Arti whisper the cheapest of abuse to her, just to get her to react.

And when in Australia, Deepak was subjected to the same humiliation. She would lock herself in her room and talk on the phone for hours while Deepak wondered what was wrong with his wife. She would not give him a chance to talk. ( I can here sense the similarities in the stories of Sushma and Arti).

She managed to get his internet banking password and siphoned off millions to her account in India. Deepak was left shell shocked when he discovered that his account had no balance in it while Arti’s father had already secured an apartment in India for her with Deepak’s funds. She now had a permanent foothold in a foreign land and a secure investment back home.

Next action was to beat up Deepak one evening, who immediately called for the Police. She then wanted a divorce and was ready to settle for a four crore deal, an out-of-court settlement in this story too. She had married for getting residency in Australia and Deepak was just a mode of transport as well as a financial vehicle for her.

The third Ms. X had an almost similar story like Sushma and she too managed to garner a hefty sum of money to release her husband from the ties of wedlock.

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  1. Such women misuse the law and make it difficult for actual cases of domestic abuse to come through. I hope those families can tide over all these horrible experiences. And the men find love and don’t judge all women with the same lens

    1. The first person found solace in a happy marriage later but the second person is so shaken that he has decided never to get married again.

      1. That is terrible. It’s not that an unmarried life is an unhappy one. But he may choose to stay single not because he is happy that way, but because he is afraid. And that’s not the way to be. I hope when the right person comes along, he can find it in himself to trust again.

  2. There is always be fraudsters in every walk of life. Indian laws do favour women, but that comes as a result of continuous centuries of oppression. The women who misuse these laws should definitely be punished as because of them even deserving women will be questioned. Not to mention the trauma the boy and his family go through

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