Is It Necessary?

Many people believe that I’m an extremely extrovert kind of person, who doesn’t find it difficult to step up, take the mic and face a crowd. But a very few people know the real me, the introvert one, who find it difficult to even say hii to a new person.

By profession I’m a doctor and face many people of different place and different kind( Most of the days all the faces were new to me) and by watching me handling them with ease and peace, all of my colleagues think that It’s really easy for me to talk with new people. Even during college, I was the most active person in the cultural and co-curricular activities (In the final year, I served as cultural secretary and college president).

Now, the point is if I’m not the one who I show the world, why am I doing this? Is it necessary?

And the answer is yes it is.

There was friend of mine(I don’t know where’s he now), I admired him when I wasn’t the extrovert one because of his extrovert nature( basically he was too good with girls and making new friends, i was kind of jealous of him). One day when he shared his secret of being an introvert and the extrovert version of him, is fake, I was shocked. He told me that it is must for our kind not to reveal others our true introvert nature otherwise people will eat you up.

It’s necessary not to reveal your true nature because this present world find it cool to troll an introvert rather than helping him to overcome his fear of being social. You have to take control, because if you don’t, you’ll end up in depression.

I did, I took control. It wasn’t easy for me to change myself and indulge myself in social activities when my all time favorite time pass was solitude. It still isn’t but it is necessary.

I’m still that introvert in heart when i’m alone, because I love thinking (though sometimes, it’s suicidal) but for the cruel outer world, I’m an extrovert who doesn’t find it difficult to step up, take the mic and face the crowd.


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