Is motherhood overrated?

Though, I am not very active on social media, I do have a meager presence on certain social media platforms. I am also a member of some motherhood groups on certain sites.

The other day, I was interacting with a fellow mumma on a popular networking site for new moms who told me about how she gave up her company secretary job for motherhood.

She was surprised when I told her that I was VP – operations with a MNC before I quit my job due to complications in my pregnancy & was advised complete bedrest by my gynaecologist.

As we continued discussing, I noticed that she was visibly upset about the timing of her pregnancy & motherhood phase. She was more interested in continuing her job though she didn’t want to neglect her child either.

She asked me if I regretted giving up my career for motherhood especially when I became pregnant within the first year of my marriage itself.

I told her no. She was surprised. She felt that I was pulling her leg. But I wasn’t. I seriously don’t feel the pinch of giving up my career for motherhood.

I know so many people who find feeding their babies, changing their nappies every other hour very cumbersome.

Some even find it difficult & irritating to control their babies colicness as well.

Yes,it’s a messy, stressful, difficult & sometimes even irritating journey but it’s even more beautiful, enriching, overwhelming & overall a blessed journey.

When you see a live human being in form of a baby in front of your eyes & the moment you realise that they were “inside you” will make you feel how blessed you are as a woman. Yes, when I see my twins in front of my eyes I feel blessed. I feel completely overwhelmed. It’s hard to describe my feelings in words.

I try to parent my children in my own style because as I’ve become a mother, I have come to understand if every child is different, each mother is different & so are her parenting ways.

My babies are barely 45 days old. But each day, each moment has taught me something, it has taught me to love my children selflessly. It’s a journey which has been zapping me out of all my energy & strength, but I am not complaining.

Whenever I look & play with them, I express all my happiness. Perhaps,that’s the secret to motherhood. Smiling your way to every nappy change, every feeding session.

Frankly speaking, I don’t know what is overrated about motherhood. I really don’t want to know either but all I want to say is,that when you give birth to a life, you feel overwhelmed. You feel blessed. You feel satisfied. You feel complete.

The magnitude of motherhood is not felt when you give birth but it is felt when you do little, everyday things to make your child/children feel better.

Perhaps, this is what motherhood is all about & it is certainly not overrated.

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  1. #thelittlethings – you got that right. 🙂
    Motherhood is yet another journey with its own share of bliss, in every woman’s Iife. And it is certainly not overrated.

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