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Is talking to an ex healthy? Five people, five different opinions

Here is what people have to say about talking to an ex.
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The end of a relationship is an incredibly tumultuous experience and it is difficult to come to terms with life without your partner. No matter how bad the relationship, you always have moments of weakness and think back to your time together and wonder if you made a mistake. As time passes, you tend to forget about the pain and begin to miss your ex, who was at one point such a big part of your life. At times like these, you always wonder whether it is healthy/good to be in contact with your ex, and thus we asked people what their opinions were.

How much conversation/interaction with your ex do you think is healthy?

Friends after break-up?

About Exes

The ex is an ex for a reason

Talking to an ex is like walking down a slippery path! Of course, this is not true for all and depends on your situation, but be careful out there.

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