Is There A Relationship Between Food And Sex?

foods that turn you on sexually

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Food and sex – are the two supposed to be interrelated in any way at all? We know that sounds like a weird combination, it came as a surprise to us too. But it is actually true. Food and sex can have an interdependent relationship.

Our bodies are truly interesting machines and it can be awesome to find out how food and sex can affect the way you function. Is there food for better sex? Or are there any specific foods that turn you on sexually and help you have a blast in bed? Let’s dig deeper to find out.

The Relationship Between Food And Sex

Food and sex definitely share a deep connection that so many of us aren’t even aware of. Sounds bizarre, we know. But there is a reason chocolate-dipped strawberries are considered such a sexy aphrodisiac. The dynamics and importance of sex in a relationship are undeniable, it is true. But who knew, that food could affect that as well?

Here are two stories that will give you an insight into whether food can have a bearing on your sex life:

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Foods that make you more sexually active

Rina’s husband was a man of strict habits. And Rina wasn’t. She lived for the moment and never gave much thought to the future. Rina’s husband always had sex on Sunday afternoons. Nothing could tempt him on weeknights. He always had some presentation to work on during weekdays or simply had too much on his plate. Sex was the last thing on his mind.

Rina had tried hard to change that. She had invested in sexy negligees and perfumes from China which were guaranteed to attract any man. Rina wanted to work on their sexual compatibility desperately. She had tried the Vashikaran mantra too. But nothing worked.

It had to be a Sunday afternoon. In fact, Rina had worn the perfume she had bought from China and gone for a walk to see if it worked. A stray dog had come wagging his tail madly and tried to lick her, so she flushed it down the toilet in disgust. “Bloody fake,” she muttered. She came back home with a heavy heart.

Rina’s sexual needs were far more than her husband’s. And she hated missing Sunday sessions. To make sure that didn’t happen, she had once made him a heavy fried lunch followed by sweet lassi topped with cream. The way to a man’s heart his through is stomach and all that! But that just put him off to sleep without performing his weekend ritual.

What a bummer for poor Rina. Foods for better sex completely disappointed her in this case. Next, she tried to give him protein shakes and egg whites, but that didn’t satiate his hunger. He was more fixated on “Ab kya aur hai lunch mein?” than getting naughty in the bedroom

foods for better sex
Are there really foods for better sex?

Rina turned fatalistic, but that did not stop her from going to tarot card readers who would predict a dark, handsome man in her life. She kept hoping because her husband was fair and not handsome. But it just did not come true. And when she finally realized Sunday was going to be THE DAY and nothing will change it, she changed her way of thinking and welcomed her husband with open arms.

Food was not so important. Love was, and though she had learned the Kama Sutra by heart, she was certain she would not perform acrobatics in bed yet. There would always be time for it. And when they both went for a long weekend holiday, she asked him, “Can it be Saturday this week?”

He had laughed and said, “It’s just that…” “Shh!” she had told him, secretly pleased that there could be a Saturday and a Sunday. The future was loaded with possibilities.

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Food and sex, or is it love?

Pinky had two interests in life: God and exercise. She always wanted to sleep early, either because she had to go to a temple in the morning or for a run. Sex once a month or not at all was fine with her. But she deeply loved her husband and always wanted to keep him happy.

She would eat garlic in the night to put him off. She tried eating radish so that her burps put him off. But it was of no consequence to him.

great sex

Slowly his gentleness, his willingness to ignore her feigned burps, his all-inclusive love for her, made her change. She reserved running for the evening and her conversations with God for the afternoon. Anyway, talking to God gave her deeper insight into the human psyche and she learned not to say no to her gentle loving husband.

She never told her husband that she had been a victim of child abuse and it had made her averse to sex, but his love had made her change, albeit slowly but definitely. And in the evening when they would sit together with a cup of coffee, he would tease her and say coffee is an aphrodisiac. Was that why she was drinking it? She would laugh and say love is the only aphrodisiac and cling to him.

In short, food is never so important. Love is!

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  1. Vasudha Tripathi

    I do not much about the fact but yes it looks to me that I should agree. Can even the food matter when love is the most important force?

  2. I think there is relationship between sex and food (tried and tested :P).The many supposedly sex drive boosting foods out there include: blackberries, cherries, strawberries(topped with chocolates sauce), this is actually an instant turn on!

    And one more theory could be: Some foods are considered sexy because they make us think of erotic thoughts,and thus, food and sex have relation!

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