Is your partner a drug addict?

Watch this video to know more...

Watch this video to know more…

A marriage is such a strong bond; that if something affects one person, it’s inevitable to affect the other person too. So how is one person supposed to deal with their drug addict partner? Opposed to common thinking, love is not a magical cure. It doesn’t save people who do not wish to be saved. And if you’re married to a drug addict, it’s highly unlikely they wish to drop their addiction. Addiction of something as simple as sweets and desserts is often something that people find hard to get rid of, and here we are talking about substance abuse.

The relationship between substance abuse and intimate relationships is inversely proportional

 The more you get addicted to substance abuse, the worse your relationship becomes over the time. A person who is addicted to drugs hardly cares about themselves let alone their partner or the relationship. And, it’s not only devastatingly tough but also unfair to hope and think that one partner could alone put efforts for two. Relationship is a two-way road.

Being married to a drug addict is tough

Moreover when a partner is a drug addict, forget the financial contribution from the said partner. If anything, you might also lose your carefree socializing nature. Taking care of a drug addict is a full-time job, round the clock. Not to forget how emotionally taxing it is to see your significant other fuel themselves with addictive drugs, throwing away their life. 

Watch the video to see how to cope up with your drug addict partner!

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