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It Happens Only In India

Are matches really made in heaven or is there the divine hand of the matchmakers in uniting couples? Arranged marriages in India have been definitely dependent on the matchmakers to find the eligible and the suitable. A concept I have found really strange!

I was under the impression that matchmaking was probably taking a backseat with the new generation where matches are possible on social media. But I was surprised by an incident in my family that left me wondering on the ‘trust system’ that still exists in our society. I was made to believe that faith is almost blind and the word of the matchmakers is final.

My Mausi and her cousin met in our house a few years ago and got into a discussion about the marriageable children in their families. My Mausi’s niece Seema and her cousin’s nephew Naresh slowly became the focal point of their discussion.

The matchmakers in them suddenly made an appearance as it dawned on them that they could get Seema and Naresh married.

I could gather from their discussion that Seema was a simple and homely girl who was apt for Naresh who too was a simple and caring person. My aunts felt that the social stature of the two families was compatible and Seema and Naresh would make a good match because of their gentle and simple nature. My Mausi was confident that Seema could easily adjust with Naresh’s family and her cousin also believed that Naresh would keep Seema happy.

I was making tea for them but my ears were focused on their conversation which was gradually becoming interesting. Their laughter and giggles kept pace with the tea leaves that were jumping in the boiling water. I just could not believe what I was witnessing. My head could not stop moving from left to right in astonishment.

“They will make the best pair,” my Mausi moved her spectacles up on her nose, almost like matching a saree with a blouse. I was again shaking my head in disbelief. Seriously, we were talking about two people here and not a piece of fabric!

I could see a match being made as I poured tea into cups and handed them over to my exuberant Aunts. They had taken the final decision by the time they took the last sip of their tea.

It was a celebratory moment to watch the two ladies calling Seema and Naresh’s parents to propose the match. They were like little children who had found some new dolls in their doll house.

“Mausi, what made you think about this match?” I questioned my Mausi out of curiosity.

“Well, Seema and Naresh have similar educational background and that should be a good meeting point for them. They both have good personalities which will match very well. Seema is homely and will be able to adjust easily in Naresh’s house. We have met their parents a couple of times and find them to be simple, well educated and loving. The two families have much in common, be it their financial status or their social standing. If the families are good, the children will be able to adjust. Both Seema and Naresh are very loving and caring, you know seedha sadha aur gharelu,” my Aunt summed up her reading for me in simple words. I was still not convinced but could not say much.

My Mausi’s brother and her cousin’s sister were elated at the proposal and immediately requested for a photograph of the recently termed ‘most eligible’ candidates. I gaped at my Aunts as this seemed to be a 5G speed matchmaking.

I was amazed at the speed of things as the two ladies were able to arrange the photographs, through emails for the two parties, within the next twenty minutes and the approvals for the proposal in the next ten minutes.

I was left astonished at the trust that Seema and Naresh’s parents had on my Aunts as their word was taken as final by them and they did not insist on any meeting before the engagement.

“Doomed!” I almost uttered that word in my bewilderment. “How can they do this to their children?” I was angry at the parents who did not even care to get their children to meet each other before deciding their future.

Seema and Naresh got engaged on the fifth day of the call, this was also the day they met for the first time. Though it was their first meeting but it seemed that they had known each other forever.

“You look prettier than you do in your photographs. I had one look at your photograph and knew that you were the one,” Naresh could not take his eyes off Seema.

“I was impressed with your qualifications,” Seema smiled at Naresh while I looked at the two of them in utter disbelief.

“He is just the one I always wanted to have as my life partner,” Seema told her mother.

I was still dazed as this match actually seemed to be perfect. The matchmakers had hit the bull’s-eye. The marriage took place within six months.

The couple is happily married for five years now and have a four year old son. My Aunts rejoice whenever they meet as they feel proud of having made a great match. Seema and Naresh thank my Aunts each time they meet them as they brought them together and have given them a fairytale life.

This incident still seems unbelievable but it brought two families together who are happily bonded and the couple is thankfully in a blissful marriage.

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