It’s Complicated

Vinay was sobbing inconsolably in front of goddess Kali. He was completely broken and disturbed. His yelling could be heard at distance.

It was 11 PM Friday. Kali temple was situated at the outskirt of a village, Shivpuri. There was no sign of a human presence at approaching midnight.

It’s the time when the temple priest closes the door. Vishnu, a 70 years old priest approached the temple door and heard someone was crying in dark.

‘Who are you son?’ Godman asked. ‘Why are you crying?’

‘I am nobody,’ Vinay shouted. ‘Leave me alone. You are the one who always preached everyone that trust a woman, an avatar of goddess Sakti.’

Vishnu lit a candle and saw a young gentleman. He went near him and sit down.

‘Calm down my child. I know the pain of grievances,’ Vishu consoled him. ‘I don’t know why you are pained, but to yell at the goddess, could not solve anything, my dear.’

‘You don’t know anything about me. I am the one who is suffering from all these traumatic moments. It’s more painful to see trustworthy kingpin ditches innocent.’

‘Slow down! I could smell your nuisance. Don’t pass a quick judgment.’

‘You got to be kidding me! Don’t hold an opinion without knowing the fact. I have seen an unseen, a disturbing,’ Vinay burst into a tear.

‘Child, what’s your story? Share me I could be the right help for you.’

A heavy-breathing person appeared at doorsteps. He was holding a Pandora’s Box. A mysterious appearance brought plenty of questions among folks.

‘Pramod, why are you here in such a spooky night?’ Vinay asked.

‘Brother, Jyoti is very serious. She is completely senseless.’

‘Has she died or shall I go and kill her?’

‘Why are you talking like this? Please don’t be so ugly. Come with me.’

‘I don’t care if she won’t survive. She deserves this. Even god won’t forgive her sin.’

‘Please brother I beg you. She is your wife not an alien. Who will look after her other than you?’

Pramod left the scene and rushed towards home.

‘Now this is the time you should heed my invaluable advice. Go and take her to a referral hospital,’ Vishnu suggested.

‘Are you suggesting me to see a cheat? She deceived and broke my trust.’

‘I did not say that. Pay a visit on humanitarian ground. Even though she might commit an offence, but she deserves medical treatment.’

‘I don’t care whether she dies or live.’

An ambulance siren was approaching the temple. Vinay was speculating that it might be his wife. The ambulance stopped at the temple.

Pramod and his father rushed inside the temple and informed Vinay about the latest development. With father arrival, Vinay had no option left rather than joining them. Vinay shocked to see Jyoti was bleeding blue and getting cold.

‘Why are you so reckless? We found her beneath the cot. She could not even breathe. You deserted Jyoti on her own. Even though, I sent Pramod to you but, you did not care to see her. What so hurry to see goddess even after so long journey you made altogether from Delhi,’ Father shouted at Vinay.

‘Father, nothing like that. You know me very well. I am a spiritual person I got to see Goddess first.’

‘Stop your nonsense! I am very well aware of the fact that you might have a verbal spat.’

‘Trust me I just came to see the goddess. No enmity between us. I am clean.’

‘Well bury the hatchet and take care of her here onwards. I don’t want to see any annoyance.’

Medical assistances were quite actively monitoring the deteriorating conditions of Jyoti. But Vinay’s family were in deep pain. They must have been thinking that why a beautiful girl got a severe illness.

She was still numb.

The ambulance pulled over at referral hospital. The medical team had taken her to ICU. Every one of the family was an onlooker of the next news. He’d been in a cable of empathy or remorse.

It was obvious for a person who just before cursing her wife for her misconduct now she was in the ICU.

After 1 hour, a doctor came out of ICU and informed everyone that Jyoti survived and she could be released by evening.

‘How would a well-educated modern girl commit suicide? Do you have any idea this might be a police case?’ Doctor furiously informed. ‘She consumed a high dose of anti-depressant pill.’

‘My daughter in law never think of ending her life. There must be some mistake in your calculation doctor,’ Vinay’s father replied aggressively.

‘Control your emotion old man. I am informing you of scientific observation.’

Vinay intervened and showed great respect for the doctor. Eventually, it was evening when Doctor called Vinay and his father and shared the all observation and psychiatry narration.

The doctor was wondered to discover that she was alright and did not complain about anything. In meantime, the doctor also advised Vinay that doesn’t discuss anything related to this suicidal event to her until she has most ready for it.

In the matinee, Vinay’s mother and other family joined him. Everyone was clueless about the recent engagement.

Nurses shifted Jyoti to the common ward. Family members visited her and inquired about how she was feeling. It was 6:30 PM, Vinay booked a cab and took Jyoti along with family members to home.

Vinay’s home was converted into a mini fair. His father called Vinay in an isolation. He deeply concerned for Jyoti. He kept on asking so many questions like adolescence.

‘Are you responsible for this mishap?’ Father asked.

‘I just came to native. Why should I bother her to conclude life?’ Vinay said.

‘I trust you that does not mean I should believe your every nonsense.’

‘Son, my hair did not grey in sun. I could sense your troubled relationship. It’s a good time to break words.’

‘She is not trustworthy anymore. Her acts are suspicious. You can’t rely on her logic. That’s why I refused to come with Pramod.’

‘What big she has done? You are making a mountain of a molehill. Your suspicion is neither here nor there’

‘You are fascinating to know what she has done. So listen I found her committing adultery with brother Prakash. She is a broken reed’

‘This is harebrained ideas. How could you cast a slur on your wife? You are misinformed.’

‘Seriously? I am not insane. I caught them red-handed.’

‘Oh! This is a serious issue. You should handle with care. Mostly people detach from mainstream after such incident’

‘I know her very well. She got caught, when there were no options left other than ending life’

‘What I say about rascal Prakash. How could he takes advantage of Jyoti in your absence?’

‘Don’t blame Prakash, dad! Prakash is a kid. Jyoti is a culprit who has got an ill will.’

‘Whatever but I can’t forgive any of these idiots. File a divorce, son.’

‘She is my wife. I need to handle the matter firmly, dad. It requires a lot of patience and positive confidence-building measure.’

‘I already showed my disappointment when you decided to marry her. I was not against your marriage. But see what she has done to you.’

‘Please control your emotion. I will figure out what to do next.’

Sanjeev Mishra was very fond of Prakash who had been always a helping hand. Moreover, Prakash’s mischievous act created chaos in the family. He never expected such an act from his own kingpin.

Sanjeev shared the recent affairs with family.

He was deeply saddened. Nobody was ready to spare Jyoti. The anxious family was searching for the opportunity to scold her. There was gossip around, everyone was talking about suicide.

Sanjeev Mishra was a local entrepreneur married to Rajni. He brought up Vinay, Pramod, and Prakash. Sanjeev had seen so many summers while raising his three adorable sons. Vinay was eldest, followed by Prakash and Pramod.

Vinay, a 22-year-old, just completed his Engineering. He already placed in an MNC early on the 7th semester. An ambitious young fresh graduate who got a wing to fly. Vinay returned home attending convocation. He was on top of the world.

It was the 9th day of Dussehra festival. Everyone was excited to celebrate a feast of goddess Shakti. Vinay was on cloud nine to see such an overwhelming response. He offered prayer along with parents and siblings at the Shaktipeth temple.

Suddenly, Rakesh, a friend of Vinay arrived at the temple and asked him to come with him. Vinay took permission from Sanjeev and left the spot. After all, he was a cultured chap.

Vinay was a calm and composed guy. He never invited trouble. On contrary, Rakesh was a badness.

Since Rakesh did not share where he was taking him. Vinay was quite suspicious.

‘Hey, dude! Where are we heading to? Do you have any idea?’ Vinay asked surprisingly.

‘Don’t worry my dear! It is not so far.’

‘Please reveal it. I don’t like surprises.’

’There are some rumours around that an old man has seen a reptile, who got a human face near an old fort.’

‘Seriously! It will be so dreadful. We can’t imagine if such rumours own any reality.’

‘Very soon we will discover the truth. Stay tight.’

A mob engulfs around a corner of the old fort. Almost 100 peoples were gathered. They did not leave a single way to go inside. These folks struggled a lot to catch a rare view of unseen.

Rakesh was a scoundrel, always ready for an idiotic act. Rakesh caught Vinay hand and dragged him into the crowd. He thrashed away a beautiful young girl. She had fallen badly.

It was pretty awkward for Vinay. He admitted his friend mistake and broke words with her.

‘I am extremely sorry! It was completely unintentional. We never thought that with light impulse you would be slipped down,’ Vinay confessed.

‘Wow! Are you apologizing or passing sarcasm?’

‘We are sorry and I mean it. Don’t take it otherwise.’

She kept on scolding these guys. However, Vinay felt mesmerized to see such a lovely creation of God. He did not even realize what wrong she was talking about. He was in her possession for time being.

‘Are you listening? Hello, Mr. deaf. Don’t you dare to ignore my words?’

‘Indeed! I am listening to each word. I can repeat all without a pause’

Rakesh intervened and informed her to leave Vinay alone. He took him to the spot. There was a big hole in the ground and few persons were pouring water in that. There was a gossip around that the reptile, a yellow-coloured snake, was hiding in the hole.

They spent almost 2 hours but there was no sign of anything. Eventually, they decided to return. That girl stuck into Vinay head, still, his eyes were glancing every possible way to find her.

Destiny plays a crucial role, He found her again while returning. He was determined to talk to her. He shared his fantasy to Rakesh. Rakesh denied on the first instance.

‘Dude! Don’t be foolish. We got her randomly, that hat does not mean she deserves your attention. You should forget her,’ Rakesh advised.

‘Go hell! I won’t need your preaching. I got the balls. I will talk to her. Just wait and watch,’ Vinay said.

She was accompanied by 3 more beauties. Vinay was really not fully prepared to face this young firebrand. Ultimately, a daredevil decided to jump into the fire.

‘Hi, I am Vinay Mishra from Shivpuri. How are you doing?’ Vinay offered to greet.

‘Oh! You are Mr Mishra: a baddie. Right?’

‘Yes! Oh No! I am Vinay only.

Girls laughed out loud. A cute answer compelled her to interact.

‘I am Jyoti from same Shivpuri.’

Rakesh and all three girls left them alone after a while. Jyoti and Vinay had been indulged in endless chitchat. It seemed they knew each other for so long. They exchanged their contacts.

Vinay asked if he could escort her home. She refused to acknowledge the welcome gesture. On the lighter note, she agreed for night time.

Vinay had never experienced a sleepless night before. All lovely moments, Vinay had spent were running through his vein. It was morning 3 AM when Vinay ran out of patience. He called Jyoti.

‘Hello, this is Vinay. Are you still awake?’ Vinay said.

‘Yeah tell me. Why did you call now? Are you out of mind?’ Jyoti replied.

‘No! I am perfectly alright. I am in love, my dear. So I want to share with you.’

‘Who is lucky that girl?’

‘You are the one dear. It is quick but I have been feeling like we born for each other.’

‘Yesterday only we met how someone falls in love with a single meeting?’

‘You could say love at first sight. Meanwhile, I don’t want to wait for long days to express my feeling.’

‘Slow down. I understand what you been through. But it is too early to say anything. Good night. Bye.’

‘Please don’t say bye now. Don’t you feel the same as me?’

‘I said before. I need time to think of all these. Please have patience.’

They had been regularly seeing each other. One day, almost after 3 months, Jyoti expressed her feeling to Vinay. She was fully prepared to take the relationship ahead.

‘Will you marry me Vinay?’ Jyoti asked.

Vinay was waiting for this gala moment. He was completely speechless. He never expected this day would be in his life.

‘Are not you kidding me, right?’

‘I am serious about my proposal.’

‘I do marry you, my dear Jyoti. I always wanted to be your husband from day one.’

They were high on emotions. There was the inception of a new love life. Vinay was very assured of the family accepting Jyoti. But Jyoti looked weak on her family.

Therefore, one day Vinay convinced his parents to see Jyoti family for his marriage. It was dramatic but finally, both the family agreed for marriage.

Vinay tied the knot with Jyoti. They were a very happy couple. In meantime, Vinay had to leave Delhi for a new job. It was boredom for him for quite a few months as he left behind a promising bride.

Vinay used to visit several times in years but he had never taken Jyoti to Delhi. She always keener to see skyscrapers and also to feel metropolitan city life. However, due to the financial situation, he never got a chance to do so.

On March, Vinay left the town on a note of taking her to Delhi after upcoming Dussehra festival.

There was anger among family members. Nobody was ready to forgive her for his adultery. There were many names associated with such activities. Vinay did not allow anyone to pass any ugly comments. Jyoti was recovering day by day.

Vinay’s festival vacation was coming to an end. Family members were decided that Vinay had to take Jyoti with him. He did not oppose the parents to move.

Eventually, they caught the flight and reached Delhi. Vinay never had a single talk about the suicidal incident in recent past.

He always wanted to talk about her when she would be most ready for it.

It was Monday evening when Vinay returned home from the office. Jyoti prepared delicious snacks for him.

Vinay had the snacks and praised her for delightful snacks. Jyoti had many complaints about staying alone.

‘Entire day, I have been alone even television did not entertain my boredom.’ Jyoti said.

‘I know you always engulf with family members. Surely you have been missing them. Especially, my younger brother Prakash.’ Vinay commented sarcastically.

She did not reply to him. She clearly understood his husband intention and left for the kitchen. After a while, she asked him what he had to take.

‘Prepare what Prakash likes. At least I want to know how you guys came together.’

‘It’s dinner time Vinay. Please don’t make a scene. I know what I have done. Even I tried to end my life.’

‘Oops! It’s my mistake that I asked you for an awkward thing. Sorry!’

‘I know you won’t mean it. I can smell your connotation. Please try to understand what the situation was when such a thing happened?’

‘Okay nice. If you want to talk then let me tell you one thing very clearly that I am not interested in your bullshit. Please don’t justify your sin.’

Jyoti turned off the gas stove and locked herself in a bedroom. She started to cry aloud. Vinay was scared that again she might try to end her life.

‘Jyoti open the door. I am so sorry. I scolded you badly. It won’t happen again. Please open the door.’

Vinay had been at door for hours but there was no sign of any relief. He kept on knocking the door. In the end, she opened the door and left opened.

‘Why did not you open the door? Don’t you know I was struggling outside? Please don’t cry. I can’t tolerate this.’

She was weeping and yelling at him. Vinay was a decent person. But the circumstances made him a savage. He hugged her and consoled that everything would be fine.

Vinay had been through a lot after a recent incident. Parents, family, relatives, societies or call it everyone got the same story to tell that left her alone. Vinay never heard about divorce in his life until Jyoti ditched him.

Sometimes at office hours, Vinay used to think to file a divorce on the ground of adultery. However, he never wanted to lose her. At the same time, he loved her so much that even he was scared to think of losing her.

But there was a void created in their relationship. Sooner or later, Vinay had to realize this. He was not the same person as he used to be. Day by day, things were getting worse between the adorable couple.

The rift between them was so wide that even neighbour could have realized what was cooking at the Vinay’s house. The loud yelling and scouting were common phenomena. Startlingly, a neighbour used to interfere, furthermore they stopped intervening them.

On Friday night, Vinay was escorted with a girl. He drunk and also looked like a swagger. Jyoti had never seen this before. Vinay had no habit of drinking liquor. This would have changed her perception of him.

Jyoti called her parents and informed about his new sick habits. Parents did not convince much due to the obvious ground. They know her daughter’ recent charismatic act. There was no immediate relief for her.

It looked like all chances were getting slim. She was a modest and modern girl who understood how to handle the ugly situation. She won’t surprise to see such an unheeding behaviour of Vinay.

Time went on. But things were getting reasonably bad. Jyoti heard several people, still, no concrete solution for her troubled marriage. She holds never gave up kind of attitude.

One fine day, Vinay asked her to leave his house. There was an intense verbal spat between Vinay and Jyoti.

‘Leave my house. You won’t deserve my company or this home.’ Vinay shouted.

‘Still, I am your wife legally. First, divorce me then only say what you wanted to say.’ Jyoti replied heavily.

‘Do you want me to give you divorce? Don’t talk shit? I never give you any freedom.’

‘Okay, then I will call the police. Let me see how you will throw me out.’

Vinay was scared and now he lowered the tone.

‘Police can’t do anything about your eviction from my house. This is not their job to handle a domestic dispute.’

‘Oh, you teach me what police deals. Common Vinay! Grow up. I respected even after so many abuses. Don’t force me to hate you.’

‘Omg! Once a thief always a thief. Why should I care if you like me or hate me?’

‘Why not you blame your brother who is equally responsible for everything? Why only me Vinay?’

‘He is a kid. Surely you forced him to come with you.’

‘So funny he is a kid who slept with a grown woman. Don’t be a jerk.’

‘He is an innocent who is a victim of your desire. Why did you do that? Tell me what I did not provide you. A good penny, cloth, a decent family. Tell me, dear, what went wrong in my love.’

‘Even a beggar provide his family all these. Have you ever try to know a married needs more than cloth and decent family? I was alone fragile. Nobody cared for me. The emptiness allowed me to make a decision. Your absence nearly created a void in me. Don’t you think I too need an intimacy?’

‘Oh so to fulfil your wishes you can sleep with anyone. What kind of woman you are?’

‘I did not do a wrong thing, even after listening all crap now I am thinking I have done marvellously.’

These arguments did not go anywhere. Vinay finally slept alone. Jyoti had a sleepless night. She might have been thinking about how to handle Vinay or leave him alone.

Vinay woke up and searched every room. She had gone. She even did not leave any trace to find her. He shared the news with both the families. He even filed an FIR of a missing person.

It’s been 5 years. There was no hint of her presence whether she is alive or dead. Vinay has been spending all his timing to figure out what went wrong. He’d been incapable of empathy and remorse.

Perhaps, Vinay like guys should realize that human being makes mistakes and if they want to confess and accept their misdeed then you should welcome them, whole heart.


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