It’s not about finding the perfect partner but being one 

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        A perfect partner is not someone who will hold you only when you are in a good mood, but also sticks to you in an unexplainable mood too

         Its not about finding the perfect and good partner but the importance is being one.

      Yes!! My partner loves me so much and the perfect one for me . He will do anything to keep me happy. Even though we fight sometimes and have silly arguments the love we have for each other keeps growing

    Love is accepting the person as they are  and not wanting to change anything in them except for the change of betterment.  Yes i love him as he is and he too loves me as iam. And what i don’t want my partner to change is , i want him to love me like this after marriage too and forever. Ofcourse life is different before and after marriage but the love still remains the same & keeps growing with mutual understanding and trust.

     The good morning texts he sends me i still want it after marriage too. The little little gifts we give each other and the joy i would like to have it after marriage too. I want him to love me like how he loved me in start of our relation and how he loves me now too. The support and care he shows me, I don’t want tradition or culture to change him. The small dairy milk we share, a walk in the beach holding hand, having pani poori in streets, i don’t want him to stop doing all these.

These all little moments made our love, feelings & emotion to grow and understand each other.  These moments looks small now but when i turn back and see they are 1my most beautiful & memorable moments of my life. And i capture them and keep in my heart.

Blessed  to have the perfect man and thankful to God everyday for giving me wonderful soul as my life partner and the journey of our love goes on….  never ending journey ..


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