Its not that good to be good

Confident guy

I was a shy boy who never had any relationship and used to have his own small world. I was so shy that I was not able to ask the name of any girl ( Known or Unknown). I think I was an ideal guy for any girl because I was loyal, lovable, understanding and very caring. Moreover, I always used to think that once I am in a relationship, I would never see any other girl or even think about it. One day, I saw a junior in my college and she was very pretty. Initially, I didn’t think much about the girl but my best friend had an eye on her and regularly told me about her looks, nature etc. Every day I used to listen to his talks about her and don’t know when I fell in love with her. I told this to my friend, he backed off as it was just timepass for him. The days passed and my love for her increased but as I mentioned, I was so shy to talk to her so did not say anything. There was a time when all of my friends knew about my love for her but only she didn’t. On the last day of the college, my friend told me, “Tell her na about your feelings. It is the last day today and don’t know when you will get a chance to say later”. I couldn’t get the courage to say and my friend told her about my feelings.She came to me and said, ” Vicky, I want to talk to u about something, come out”. My heart beats got fast and we went out. She told me, ” I had always seen you as a friend and never the way you think about me, don’t try to contact me ever or talk to me”. I was shattered and disheartened, cried and left from there. Next day, I saw her roaming around with another guy, Lokesh, in college and got to know that Lokesh has proposed to her multiple times; not only her, rather many girls in college. He was known to be a creep and then I thought, ‘Why not me as I am so loyal and good guy?’ 🙁 That day changed me and I became an open talker and burnt my shy nature. The day a new “Mohit” born who is so open talker, a flirt and not a completely good or bad guy. Moreover, I became a writer too…

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  1. Shobha Mahapatra

    Sunny side – you became a writer.

    PS – Being shy and introvert isn’t a bad thing. Someone someday is bound to fall for you just the way you are! 😉

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