Jasmine flower

You came and went

the scent of jasmine, of an evening

the drizzle in summer

the music that could still my tormented senses

I wondered if you when with me felt

the sand was running out from under your feet

that it was only moments that were kind to be cruel

as I felt that all the people I knew were stoning me

throwing clods of mud into my open grave

as I lay dying

unaware, ever, that I was more than dust

I wondered if any unintended cruelty on my part was what made you leave

or if you would ever return

I wondered if you would blossom, frangipani

to your fullest extent

and get the world to bow down at its knees

fall at your feet, I would be the first to prostrate

I wondered where you’ve been

And if you will come back with those fresh eyes still

that saw things that the others never could or did

with the art to spin them into florets and rills

that to smell and drink from was refreshing to the ones

at the receiving end

whether made of joy or grief

I, remembering, wondered

and feel happy you are still

somewhere, sleeping, songbird, on some hill

or in a thicket or forest or glade in the day or night

unaware of all my wondering, dreaming…


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