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Jiski biwi moti…: 10 reasons I am proud to be a curvy girl

Being fat means there is more of me to love! Your weight has nothing to do with how beautiful you are, inside and out.
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Love thyself

It is difficult to love yourself while everything around you is telling you that you are ugly. While the world, rather the fashion world, is out there trying to prove that there is a single idea of beauty, you should remember that they are just trying to sell their products. They feed on your insecurities, your body image issues and even on your identity crisis. Don’t give them that much power over your body. The time has come to reclaim our own bodies. I say I’m proud to be a curvy girl and embrace the peculiarities of my body. If I am to rephrase that popular song, I’m sexy if I know it.

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Confidence in numbers

In today’s world, we know statistically that more than 80% of the general population has obesity tendencies. This is a major health issue if we cross the threshold of obesity. But this depends on a lot of factors, like age, body type, height and even country of origin. What is obesity in China may be perfectly healthy in Iceland. That being said, there is more of us than them: and I for one feel confidence in numbers.

Stand out

When globalisation has taken over the market and beauty has been standardised, every other girl looks like she is made in the same mould in the same factory. A curvy girl stands out from the rest of them, as being different is new, unique and a choice.

A curvy girl stands out from the rest of them, as being different is new, unique and a choice.

I know life would feel simple if you looked like everybody else and just lost yourself in the noise of weight loss products, but then you are not living up to the freedom and choice your body has to offer. You are meant to stand out, be a woman of your own terms, live your life on the basis of your choices, and not be blurred in the mix of millions and remain just a poke in the wheel. Embrace your individuality, embrace your freedom.

All you can eat

If you enjoy being curvy and also a foodie, then it is good news for you. No one tells a curvy girl to watch her diet if she is confident in her skin. Other than major health issues, dieting is for people who are constantly trying to look like someone else. Actors in superhero movies have a strict diet and regimented exercise because they are trying to look like superheroes, which they definitely are not. You are a real woman; you are supposed to look the way you do.

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Style not fashion

Fashion is the general standard for beauty, whereas style is individual expression. While fashion is set by institutions, like big brands and fashion magazines, style is the artistry of knowing your own inherent beauty. So style yourself, girl, don’t flow in fashion: Because style is your own personal way of asserting your existence.

Ethnic clothes fit

You have, of course, heard that curvy girls look good in ethnic clothes. Have you ever wondered why? It is simply because being size zero is a new thing, while curvy girls have always been appreciated in every culture since the dawn of time.

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No pressure

There is no pressure to look perfect. While the global standard of beauty is pressure on skinny girls, curvy girls can look like whatever the f*** they want. We create our own standards and then when the time comes, surpass them. That’s how we roll.

Best boyfriends

When curvy girls get a boyfriend, they are usually the real deal. Boys look for trophy wives, girls who look like models to show off in public. The real man goes for the real women of flesh; they go after the heart rather than the looks.

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More to love

With great curves, come great features: bigger boobs and an arse to write home about. If it is really the size that matters, then no one can stand in competition with curvy girls. There is more to hold, more to nibble, more to love in general when you are dating a curvy girl.


As I have been saying, curvy girls don’t fit the formula and therefore they cannot be stereotyped in any way. They usually are not the butt of someone’s joke, as they are considered with respect woman deserves. If you stand out and don’t try to fit into a given formula of beauty just to please men, then you already have taken the first step to earn respect.


You have got to admit curvy girls are cuddle bears. Their hugs are the best and one can’t get enough of them. It is not just for their romantic partners, but also for their friends and family. When you are feeling down and you get a reassuring hug from a curvy girl, your spirits lift and you start to feel good again.

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