Kangana Ranaut on extramarital affairs: “I have not yet met a happy married man in my life.”

Kangana Ranaut Love life

How far is this true?

In an industry of euphemism and diplomacy, the Tanu Weds Manu actress has been a bold exception. Whether it is talking about her own personal life and relationships or against famous celebrities, Kangana has said it all. In an explosive interview to Filmfare publication, Kangana opened up about the reason why strong and successful women fall for married men.

Kangana Ranaut
How far is this true?

Perhaps Kangana was speaking from her own bitter experience when she gave her views: “Well, you have to add ‘young’ to successful and strong. When you are young you tend to believe the sob story of a married man when he tells you ‘my wife beats me.’ If a married man who is persuading me gets a minute alone with me he will say my wife is this evil bitch and I am this poor person and how the one sitting in front of him is his saviour.”

Kangana further warned the ladies to not fall for the sob story of men. She asked them not to look for their ‘ideal husbands’ in men who were already married. Because, as per Kangana: “I have not yet met a happy(sic) married man in my life.”

As much as we are interested in her views, we cannot but ask the question, “How far is it true?” Are all married men unhappy or was she drawing an analogy to her own unhappy ex, Hrithik Roshan? I bet there are thousands (if not millions) happily married men who make it home only to see their wives and children. Example: the generation of our parents. Yes, I believe they are a lot more patient and tolerant generation than ours. Marriage for them may not be a glittery affair like it is for our generation, but it certainly means a forever one for them. Even for our generation, I believe there many happy men out there. And if we take a peep into Bollywood itself, we are drooling over the love of Ritesh-Genelia, Mira-Shahid, Saif-Kareena, and Aishwarya-Abhishek, along with a host of others.

As for the label ‘unhappy’ which she attached to married men, it applies to women as well. Therefore, it wasn’t right on her part to stereotype only men as unhappy who turn predators looking for gullible women. Men cannot always be the culprit and women, mere victims. Affairs happen all the time, for both the genders.

It is true that partners start seeking happiness outside the marriage, once they feel a void growing on their own. But then, are affairs actually an escape? The right debate shouldn’t be around ‘who is more unfaithful’ but ‘how to preserve the happiness in marriage’.

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  1. Ma’am aapse milkr har man yhi bolegaa.. ???? as they all are greedy dogs never filled their hunger they always want to date a nice girl if they find d opportunity.. bloody flirts..

  2. Truly said. Gone are the days of yore when our grand fathers and grand mothers used to live married happily ever after for 100 years. Those were the days of simple living and high thinking. Now are days of glamor, fashion, aping western customs, divorces in seconds, then remarrying, then seeking new relationships for instant gratification. What an instant life we are going through like instant coffee or tea. Disposing off relationships at the cost of money, power and what not.

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