Khel khel mein: 7 hot sex games for couples to play

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Updated On: November 6, 2023

Is the spice missing from your sex life?

If you have stopped feeling horny or there is no more spice in your sex life, you must take the help of some games to turn things around. After having spent a reasonable amount of time with your partner, often something in the bedroom become repetitive and monotonous. While you may have tried different sex positions to break the monotony, you still may feel a certain amount of boredom while having sex. Couples should try some hot sex games to make things more exciting and fun. Sex is not just about intercourse; it is about the experience, and your brain is a more significant sex organ than your genitals when it comes to experiencing utmost pleasure out of a lovemaking session. Play these games and see how your partner gets horny and all charged up in no time!

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Fantasy chits

This game is easy and needs very little paraphernalia. All you need is a pen, a few blank chits and a bowl. You and your lover need to write five chits each with a fantasy you have, one fantasy on one chit. Mix up the chits well in the bowl and both select one each. The fun part is to discover what could be your partner’s fantasy which he/she wishes to fulfil tonight. It is this sense of mystery that makes this game exciting. It also becomes competitive; if both the chits picked belong to one partner, he/she wins, because he/she gets to fulfil two of his/her fantasies.

Doctor, doctor

Role playing sex games
Role playing sex games

This is a classic one. One of you plays a doctor and the other a patient. In this game, you get to touch each other’s body and act as though you are examining them. Touch each other sensually and call each other pretending to be strangers. You could also use tools such as a stethoscope or a torch to play around it and make it more fun. While this could be just one kind of a role play, you could also think of other role-playing sex games such as a teacher and a student or a fireman and a housewife, etc. Be sure to be wholly involved and make the most of this. This game will also help you explore your partner’s sexual fetishes.

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Strip quiz

Strip Quiz
Strip Quiz

This game is again straightforward yet can get very interesting and sexy. All you need to do is lie down next to each other and ask them questions about your favourites or questions to find out how much your lover knows you. If they make a mistake, they’ll have to take one piece of clothing off. Another twist that can be added to this game is by allowing your partner to undress you and French kiss you every time you make a mistake in guessing the answer.

Shower dance

If you are blessed with a big shower room, then make the most of it by playing music and dancing naked under the shower with your partner. This one is not exactly a game but a boiling activity to be done with your partner. You can soap each other, feel each other under the lukewarm water and have loads of fun while the music plays in the background.

Shower Dance
Shower Dance

Chit dice

Chit dice is an exciting game. In this game, one of you writes a part of the body on each chit while the other writes an action such as kiss, tickle, lick, suck, stroke, squeeze, etc. You need two bowls for this. One dish should have all chits mentioning the body parts, and another one should have all actions. You and your partner now pick one chit from each bowl in turn and do what the combination of those chits ask you to do.

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Wrestle for sex

Wrestle for sex
Wrestle for sex

For all those who like it wild, this game is perfect. In this game, the guy’s objective is to penetrate, and the girl’s motive is to stop him from doing so. Be careful not to hurt each other in this game. The girl needs to resist, while the guy needs to show her his power. It is not about who wins or loses, but about how much you enjoy wrestling with each other for sex or, in the girl’s case, ‘teasing her man’.

Ice cream and a blindfold

This one is my favourite for two reasons; one because I love ice cream and second because I like foreplay. In this game, you or your partner should be blindfolded. The blindfolded partner should scoop a spoon of ice cream and try to feed the other. If the ice cream spills on your partner’s body, you need to lick it off. You’ll be surprised to know where all the spoon can go.

Try these games tonight with your lover and bring back the horny and high libido persona out yet once again. The novelty of these games will make your sex life satisfying, and you might even have a chance to have multiple orgasms during this.

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