Kickass bride turns up at her wedding without makeup and jewellery!

Bride with no makeup in her wedding

Bride with zero makeup and jewellery makes head turn

It’s heartening to know about women who are continually breaking the norms of society and are doing things in their own little ways which serve as a nail in the coffin of patriarchy.

Tasnim Jara is one such heroic woman. A Dhaka based doctor, Tasnim decided to get married in the most simplistic way – minus any makeup or jewellery and draped in her grandmother’s simple, white cotton sari.

In a world where weddings are a billion-dollar industry and the pressure to spend and splurge on a wedding is immense, the pressure to indulge in gold, expensive outfits and makeup, especially for the bride, reaches insane proportions. No wonder, Tasnim’s adherence to a simple attire and defying the use of any makeup and jewellery comes as a breath of fresh air and breaks all stereotypes most girls grow up with.

Tasnim posted on Facebook, “I was troubled by the singular image of a bride that our society has.”

“It is a problem when [a woman] loses her agency in deciding what she would like to wear on her wedding day. When the society forces her to doll up and look like a different person, it gives a message that the authentic look of a girl isn’t good enough for her own wedding,” the post continues.

“People around me resisted my idea. But they had no answer when I asked why those are mandatory. I could clearly see that these norms weren’t helping my family in any way, rather it was serving the interest of a particular industry. So I didn’t find their argument very persuasive,” she further explains.

It comes as no surprise then that this young bride decided to go past all conventional thinking and beliefs and attitudes and was ably supported by her groom Khaled on this path-breaking way of getting married.

Bride Tasnim in her grandma’s cotton sari

Tasnim confesses to getting hate messages as well as love and encouragement messages. She encountered strong resistance from relatives who refused to get pics clicked with her but in the end, I feel what she has achieved is a great victory for women all over the world.

Girls like Tasnim remind us that we can truly be what we wish to be if we believe in ourselves.

She truly deserves appreciation and applause for being so brave, honest and clear about how she wanted her wedding to be; how she wanted to look like a bride and going ahead with it irrespective of what everyone around her thought or believed.

I think it requires a different kind of confidence and self-esteem to do something that has not been attempted before.

She has paved the way for prospective brides and set a grand example that simple is stunning.


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