Why does he kiss me if doesn’t love me


In a counselling session on Bonobology, a user posed a query in front of our counsellor, Mallika Pathak.

This particular woman was married and had two young kids. She was an officer at a finance company. Troubles were cropping up in her marriage which was possibly the reason why she fell in love with an unmarried subordinate at her office! This young, unmarried man was physically affectionate, would touch her and kiss her often but would never vocally confess his feelings for her. Even on probing him, he’d shut her down by telling her not to ask such ludicrous questions from him! Of course, due to the lack of expressed feelings, she is confused about what he truly feels for her or if at all he even does feel for her. She feels he doesn’t love her but is confused about his kisses.

Probably he doesn’t love her

There could be two possible scenarios. One, that he does like or love this woman but is showing evident signs he is scared of commitment. The other scenario is that he is just taking advantage of her vulnerability. It’s hard to figure out a person and there is no way you can read their mind. When you’re involved with someone it gets really hard to think of it from a sane third person’s viewpoint. It’s common to not see the obvious signs in such a moment.

You don’t want to be vulnerable

As tough as it is, it is important to weigh in the situation for what it truly is, and think about it as you’d think as a neutral person for your own benefit. Nobody wants to eventually get played by a cunning man who just saw a lead and took advantage of the vulnerability you showed to him despite not really wanting to.

Watch what our counsellor suggested:


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