Did you know that your choice of partner can make or break your career?

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People, you know this is true. No matter how much you try, you know it is impossible to keep your personal and professional lives separate. Whatever happens in Vegas may stay in Vegas but no way will whatever is affecting your home life keep from affecting your profession and career.

This is why it is very important for you to be careful when deciding who you wish to share your time, life and home with. In case you choose someone whose behaviour constantly gets in the way of your work, your career will pretty much be doomed from the moment you get into a relationship with this person. Still in denial? Well, here are some ways your choice of partner can make or break your career:

1. The one with the clingy partner

A partner who takes up too much of your time is definitely not a good choice for any kind of relationship. Unless you are planning on getting a job that involves taking care of them and their neediness all day. If they are calling all the time, even in the middle of meetings or when you have mentioned you would be busy, they are being too needy. Unless there is an emergency, such behaviour isn’t an excuse, especially not the fact that they want to meet you or talk to you. Affection is nice, yes. Too much affection is clinginess, though, and might end up ruining your career.

Clingy partner on bed
Clingy boyfriend

2. The one with the partner who wouldn’t stop suspecting

“Why are you working so much?” “Are you sleeping with your boss/colleague?” “Were you really working overtime or were you out with someone?” If your partner asks you any of these questions or anything remotely similar, it might be time to get rid of them. Even when the suspicion does not involve your job, a partner who keeps doubting you makes things way harder because you are constantly stuck explaining things to them. This will not only waste a lot of your time but also make you anxious and tired, which means you will be able to focus on your work less and less.

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3. The one who thinks you are aiming too high

This one is perhaps the worst one of the lot. Such a partner is not just generally unhelpful but also makes it a point to discourage and dishearten you whenever they can. If you stay with someone like this, you might soon lose your courage and resolve to pursue your dreams. Don’t let that happen and nip this one in the bud.

Angry man fighting with wife
The one who thinks you are aiming too high

4. The jealous one

This partner is jealous of your work and your success. If your hard work has started to pay off and you want to celebrate, you will notice that they begin to act weirdly, acting cranky and bored. They not only do not envy you your success but want to become more successful at the cost of your career. Yes, it is actually as toxic as it sounds. So, you will do well to not continue being with such a person.

5. The one who thinks their job is more important than yours

They will always undermine your work as if it is unimportant. This sometimes happens when your partner earns more than you. Since they earn more, they might act like the work you do is not that important. If you are with such a person, there is a chance they will not only get in the way of your work but also destroy your self-confidence while at it.

6. The one who won’t help at home

Even if you both work, these people will also make you do all the housework. They will never help at home and you will be forced to handle all the work at your job and at your home. This way you will not only have less time to rest but also will grow more and more tired as time passes.

Woman cleaning and man resting
Man who don’t help at home

7. The one who leeches off you

This person wants you to be successful as long as they can leech off you. While it is absolutely okay to support your partner and their passions, it doesn’t make sense to have to take care of them as if they are your baby, especially if they will not make an effort to do something themselves. Obviously this does not include the people who take care of household work or have mental health issues hindering their work. But otherwise it is high time both of you realise that a relationship is a two-way street. One person cannot handle all the responsibilities involved.

Guys, it is time to get things straight. If you are with or planning to be with someone who is not only unsupportive about your work but also creates obstacle after obstacle on your path, it is time to pack up and leave. Or, better yet, kick that idiot out instead. Because, in the end, you need to have your back no matter what. And you sure as hell should not give up on a dream just because of a stupid partner. So, buckle up and move on. Like they say, there are plenty of fish in the sea. And you deserve one that gives just as much as it costs. If not, drown them!

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  1. Agreed!!!

    When in fact, how your partner acts in the reality of the situation may run contrary to what you have envisioned.

    So, yes, we need to be really careful while choosing our partner.

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