10 Ways to know lust from love

lust from love

Oh, that heady feeling called love! Or wait, is there something else brewing in the guise of love, the raging sexual desire called lust? Is your heart oscillating between love and lust? You sort of feel flushed and the idea of meeting that special someone brings out a cheeky smile. But you are still in two minds whether it’s love or sheer lust.

Well, this topsy-turvy ride definitely thrills you no end. There is excitement, joy and fear too, but we all become slaves to the demands of our heart. This fist sized organ can make us do things we might have never dreamt of. Yet we love the idea of being enslaved.

Is it love?

Falling in love is an organic process. It may happen in one meeting or develop gradually. All that your heart yearns for is to hold hands and talk non-stop or go on long drives. It is this wonderful phase when your world all of a sudden turns colourful, vibrant and happening. From exchanging mushy messages to taking romantic selfies, all you want is to be together.

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Sex is just a part of the whole being together setup. What you want in love is love. Lust takes a side seat and not the front row.

Is it a sin to lust?

Sex is a wonderful sin. Don’t feel guilty to commit it. A common misconception that most people have is that you can only lust for someone you love. This very notion spoils the game for you and your to-be-in-bed partner. Just like any other urge or desire, having an appetite for sex is a sign of good health. This three-letter word is packed with magical powers that should be experienced.

Shun the crappy idea of getting your dose of sexual pleasure from books, porn and steamy scenes from movies. Find a partner and get naughty.

Can lust turn into love?

Oh yes, when sex rolls out the carpet for love, the relationship is definitely going to last long. Once you know how it is to be naked literally, you accept love as a bare truth. This is where the actual fun begins. You might have bonded over good sex, but you never know when sex becomes the matchmaker for two lovely souls.

You are still not convinced? Right! So we have it sorted for you.

10 Ways to know lust from love

Romantic couple
Sex becomes the matchmaker for two lovely souls

Check out these 10 ways to know whether it’s lust or love:

      1. You crave for sex: You just read a sexy article in Playboy magazine and all you can think about is trying out those tricks on him/her. Then this is one sure shot sign of lust. It is without doubt not love honey; because sex rules your mind. Whenever you are together, you look forward to have sex, having conversations does not appeal to your lusty mind
    1. You don’t make any extra effort: When he tells you ‘I am not well’ and you hang up wrapping up the conversation with ‘okay take care, I will see you soon’. This is a clear indication of lust. This is lust talking and not love. But if you end up at his doorstep with warm soup and DVDs of his favourite movies, then it is the calling of the heart and not body
    2. You rarely cuddle: Cuddling and sitting together for a long time watching a movie or doing nothing is very reassuring when you are in love. But when you are after lust, you may only be wanting to have sex. For you, everything should have the spice of sex
    3. You can’t stop thinking about being naked: When all your mind can think about is how the two of you would look together naked, it is lust for sure. In case of love, all you would care for is planning for the next dinner date or a quick catch-up over coffee
    4. No talking or sharing in lust: You might face a horrible situation at work or have had a bad start to the day, you propose meeting for a quickie and bid goodbye. This is lust for sure. If you want to just share it with him/her, then love is holding the two of you togethe
love is unconditional
couple enjoying silenece after a lusty sex
    1. You do not consider future with your partner: Do you think about a future with him/her? Have you confided in your mom about the other? If the answer to these two questions is ‘no’, then tick the box of lust green. Because you prefer to keep it low key and under wraps, it indicates you are not sure about your partner. In love, you talk about the future everytime
    2. There is no stability: You are together, you are sexually happy, but you rarely communicate and are wary of commitment. This leads to chaos, dramas, and lots of make-up sex. There is the fire, but there is no romance. True love is all about committing to each other, communicating and desiring companionship.
    3. You only focus on sexual stuff: If you know their favourite sex position and G spot over his favourite books or food then it’s lust. In matters of the heart, you would look for buying his all-time favourite t-shirt or throwing a surprise party with his/her friends. When in love, you plan coffee dates and are seeking to know everything about him/her. It can be everything from habits to dislikes to favourite food, you want to know everything. This is positively love, as you are not hopping on a long car ride or a movie date to get cosy. A little kiss or a warm hug might just make things mushier but not lustier.
    4. Lust is conditional, love is unconditional: When it is lust you are running after, you only care about the physical fire and nothing else. You may be eyeing someone else without a twinge of regret. But when you are in love, you will hate yourself for experimenting beyond the relationship.

  1. You are insecure: Trust does not hold its ground when you are in lust. When the two of you are not together, you feel like your world is falling apart. You check up on your partner multiple times to make sure he is not with someone else, or he is not texting anyone. Love, my friend, is a secure feeling and does not call for attention at all times
  2. You play dirty:You send him/her dirty or naughty messages or sultry pictures to set the tone for the evening date. Here your mind tempts you to be seductive to lure your partner into bed. This is clearly hanky-panky stuff, my dear. Give in to this sinful saga and enjoy the climax; these lustful moments end up firing the spirit within
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  1. Vasudha Tripathi

    Differentiating love from lust is definitely a topic that is hard as anything to crack but you can say that after reading this I am sorted.. *THUMBS UP*

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