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How do you know when a relationship is truly over?

How do you tell for sure if your relationship is true finished, over, done with? Here are some signs that might help you decide
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Knowing when the relationship is over

In a hospital when a patient passes away, the doctors have to call it, they have to say the time of death and declare it so that it can be noted down and added to the death certificate. Horrid as it sounds, this is one of the many difficult things that doctors have to do as a part of their job. An occupational hazard they are trained for and therefore cannot escape.

A skill similarly ominous though without as much responsibility is the ability to call time of death in a relationship. How can we as normal consenting adults who chose to be in a romantic relationship decide when it ends? What are the signs, and no matter how heartbreaking it seems, when do you know?

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  1. In any relationship we invest our heart in, we do receive the signs of its success or failure. Deep inside our heart is capable of reading these signs. But we chose to deny them. And when we ignore the subtle signs , they keep getting bigger and more concrete. And the day comes we are in a situation where it is no longer to ignore them, because in the course of ignoring them, we keep on adding damage to our own being. That’s why it is important to be aware of such signs, and even more important is to pay attention to what they are trying to convey. It is a very important and insightful article. Thank you for penning this. 🙂

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