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The Late Night Affair

The girls were finally asleep. I had been trying to steal out some time before hubby arrived. Of course I had to do it before he was back from office. The long wait for him to return home, day after day, everday was a torment I refused to suffer any longer. He was the only one responsible to urge me in seeking solace in the sin. It had to be a hush affair.

It felt remorseful. It felt incorrigible. It felt unforgivable. But it felt sublime. It had been a month of worthless attempts of suppressing my desire every single night. I gave in. I had to. Or maybe, I really wanted to!

The glimpse itself was enough to send the endorphin rush in my body. I only wanted to feel it more after that moment everytime. The first time was already over. But the satisfaction was equally heavenly after each encounter.

I longed for a different experience everyday. Awfully sweet, nastily bitter and surprisingly crunchy. I was head over heels for the variety. It simply did away with my routine montony. The best part was, only the initiation needed to be mine. The rest was taken care of. It was my zest solely.

But why do good things come to an end? So soon. I knew it was going to happen some day, but why today?

I had eaten my last chocolate already!

Hey, wait. You have not turned over to another article. I was talking about the box of deluxe assortment of fine chocolates hubby got for me on his last official trip. My daughters are still too young to appreciate and relish fine chocolates. Although they never like anything apart from candies and milk chocolate, God knows why they can’t stand me enjoying my chocolate for two teeny weeny minutes. Besides my better half and I being hardcore chocoholics, who would want to share that heavenly thing with anyone, anyway? So it had to be my late night affair for that month.

And what were you thinking…? 😉

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