Learn, believe and practice “FAITH”.

Life is going like a car on the smooth road. With my son and his father, I am complete. I am happy and contented with whatever I have. Is it really possible not to have any issue in your life? I don’t think so. Problems go parallel with happiness in everyone’s life. After getting married to my husband, I thought I was living with a complex person who has even complex thinking. I was simply not able to understand him. I used to feel sore every time I got a taunt from him on my minor mistakes. We had many disputes and many times I cried. But slowly I understood what he wanted me to learn, believe and practice. Its “FAITH”.

Faith for your life partner is very crucial for a delighted married life. I learned from him many things which make me feel happier with each passing day of my life. Although I keep on making my share of mistakes. At times, I give a damn to his preaching and behave abruptly. But the again life gives me next chance to improve myself as a partner.

Here are few lines in which I try to summarize what I make out from my super philosophical husband’s coaching:

1. Faith means acceptance. Accept your life partner in the way he/she is. If you feel somethings need correction, wait for right time to tell this.

2. Acceptance means to accept what decisions he/she is taking. It’s possible that you don’t agree with them. Give your thoughts as suggestion, not as a command.

3. Have confidence that he/she has positive thinking about you and whatever decisions he/she will take, will be in your favor.

4. Confidence means assurance of support. Stand by him/her in a difficult time. Whether it’s problem-related to work in office or any family matter.

5. And finally, assurance means a promise to be loyal to each other.

I don’t want to make it complex further 🙂 but in one line I can say “Have Faith for your soul mate. Don’t question but practice acceptance”. You’ll definitely see happiness all around you.


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